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04 November 2012


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Hi Troy, first time I commented on here. I am a Huge fan of Elvis, and I love all of your ctomenms on here, including this one. I just seen the video, and I agree, a little sloppy in places. I wish to God EPE, would wake up and realize that Elvis has so much more in there vaults for the fans to see, Im still mad over the deletion of Johnny B in Elvis on tour! You and I are very much on the same page, and as far as Rolling Stone and all the other Elvis cynics go, I'm sick to death of them! As I told someone on a blog who was bashing Elvis and the jumpsuits and his powerful voice even to the end, The Beatles, Stones, and whoever else they put up against him will never be as Good or as Great as Elvis, Hands down the King of music! Thank you Troy for a great blog, and for being a true fan! Elvis would be very proud!! Talk to you soon! George

Worms in Kittens

where are the other parts? i want to answer all of your questions...


That Amway stuff must be all water or something (tacky comment...I know).
You are impressive. You didn't even mention your weight loss.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


I said about the same thing about a successful life. Happiness is all that matters in the long run.


Come on now, mustard is good!
I'm in agreement on most of your answers - great ones! :)

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