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27 January 2013


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April Driggers

I'm a big recycler, too! To a fault...and they make fun of me for being such a tree hugger.


If the hormonally charged Amy Farrah Fowler can't shag Sheldon, I hold little hope for your chances!


Sheldon Cooper!! lol, Knock Knock Knock..... lol Your answers rocked! Have fun in Miami!


Just went back - you look fabulous-Oh! And I meant to say - I'm with you on the whole Hillary thing. I think for the past few years, she's been groomed for the position and they hand picked her a while ago. I hope so - I think she'll get shit done!


I'm going to So Carolina for the first time in March - I'm excited, I hope it's warm LOL
I hope you're feeling better and I need to go and read back - you went from a 26 to a 2-6? Holy shit! Congratulations!

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