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01 February 2013


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YEAH, now thats what Im talkin bout!! Funny, funny... ~melanie :)


My hats off to you and all single parents everywhere!! ~melanie ;)


LOL What can I say? Its outrageous!! I couldnt stop laughing. My Sunday Stealing is up now, finally... off to read both of yours! ~melanie :)


Borat? Don't you have a Ph.D.?
You crack me up SA!


Crikey no wallet! Glad you found it. I'm a single parent, so no kvetching for me - otherwise the boy makes fun of me. LOL He's actually gotten much better with age, though - so I can whine just a little. He'll get me water. Sometimes. If he's between games on the XBox..

Happy Day!

The Gal Herself

I LOOOOOVED your answer to #2. And the first half of Borat is one of the funniest things I have ever seen.


I can't use your method of taking care of a cold, because Mr BC is the whiner in the family and whining to yourself does not get it done.


Loveing the answers. ;)

Kelly @ Dysfunctionally Functional

I couldn't find my wallet in my purse at the grocery store the other night. I found my card floating around at the bottom of my purse, but it wouldn't work, so I had to leave my cart and drive home. Then I couldn't find my wallet at home, either, so I had to borrow cash from my dad. How lame is that?!?

Have a great weekend!

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