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19 May 2013


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2 more cats and you'll be a cat lady who is a biologist with a black thumb.
I have no idea... :)


Agree with you on the smoking. I hate it and was so glad when my state finally (finally!) banned it from restaurants. But it's every where else. You can't walk through a grocery parking lot without inhaling it. I always have to come home and take a shower.

Enjoyed your answers.


I totally agree with you on the smoking issue. I especially hate it when the kids and I are at a park, with posted no smoking signs, and some flippin' idiot lights up. First of all, there's a sign that says no smoking, and second of all, hellloooo, there are children all over the place. I also totally agree with you on the need to take care of our earth! Have a fantabulous day!

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