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13 June 2013


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Exactly, U-Mami!!

Unknown Mami

It really bums me out when I spend money on food somewhere and it's nothing special. It feels like such a waste of money and tummy space.

Doreen McGettigan

Oh my gosh I so loved Princess Di and am still heartbroken. I just imagine how she would have loved being a grandmother.
I think Kate is a wonderful story but I think the papparazzi does behave cautiously around her, thank goodness.
I'm looking forward to the birth of the baby. I heard that the anticipation is causing an economic upturn in England.
Those fries look really good and the kids are so cute!
Have a wonderful weekend.
Oh I left review comments..


I love the pics of the kids, all smiling - so cute! Don't hate me, but I kind of think Princess Di was a bigger story than Kate is (no offense to Kate). And I did visit your review post and left a comment - not sure it it helps or not since I haven't used those particular products. Have a great weekend!

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