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07 June 2013


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I grew up on hot dogs and since I've gone veggie, I haven't had one. I kind of miss them even though they are trash.

The Gal Herself

I bet Dave Barry was thrilled that you asked him to sign your Herald. That probably doesn't happen very much. And I admire you for laughing in the face of danger!


I've never really been to NYC but I've been through it.

Kelly @ Dysfunctionally Functional

After our band trip to NYC, my 14-yo announced that she wants to live there and play in the pits for the Broadway shows. And I found myself jealous of just the thought of her living that life! Does that make me a bad mom? When she winds up in NYC, I'm going to annoy the HELL out of her with my frequent visits. ;-)


I love NYC as well. It;s been a couple of years, but in August my son and I plan to spend a night and get to a Yankee game.


I didn't even try to tan in the olden days, before we knew of the harmful effects. I am a lot less wrinkled and leathery than some of my friends.


Just wait till tomorrow, there will be more questions to answer! That stinks about your Dave Barry autograph :( Happy Saturday!

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