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13 June 2013


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Doreen McGettigan

Really the eyelash stuff works?? I have been afraid to try it. Thank you for relieving that fear, I need some lashes:)
I LOVE my Dr. Scholl's and I have been wearing them more than my flip flops too.
Coppertone is on my list for this week, we are heading to the beach next weekend so oh my I would love coupons, with 8 grandkids at the beach we go through some waterbabies:)


I totally need eyelash serum as I have little thin stubs for eyelashes and no kind of miracle mascara is working.
The Dr. Scholl's look comfy enough to give a try as I do like comfy feet!
And olive oil - what's not to love about olive oil? You know what I recently discovered? It's great on a baked potatoe, instead of butter! Just a little sprinkle. Delish!


I have never tried any of the eyelash serums because I have more than one eye condition and I'm terrified of doing more damage. But I would love for my eyelashes to be long and luxurious!

I will try the Olive Oil because I use it for everything!

Growing up in the south and on the coast, I thought you were going somewhere else with the olive oil and sunscreen thing. As a teen we used oil INSTEAD of sunscreen and many of us are paying for that mistake now.

Great reviews!

Smellyann Strikes Again

Aw, I'm sorry, Willis!! But you make coconut butter? I'm intrigued... do tell more!



Aw, Im sorry, Willis!! But you make coconut butter? Im intrigued... do tell more!


Stephanie G.

Here's what I think--MomSelect doesn't like me. :( I've tried to get LOTS of their campaigns and have yet to qualify. :/ Boo hoo. I'd love coupons for sunscreen! :) Wish there were coups for the Olive Oil. :) Its one of the FEW that I can use for Vinnie--so we use it tons. :) I've used it in making coconut butter, to cook the most awesome chicken tenders, and more. :)

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