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30 September 2013


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Well, I'm glad you found us. I'm sorry you're having so many problems right now, but I shall add you both to my prayers. Now music being the universal language it helps in all ways, so you want to know the theme it's in my side bar on the right. Every other week is a Freebie meaning you put any song video you like up & I always tell you in my Post too right before my videos. Grab my button for Monday's Music Moves Me, follow me, and sign the linky, and then off you go to the next one's place and rock with them, follow them add a comment and off you go again to the next one. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask & if you get called to be our spotlight dancer you get to pick the theme for next time, and you get a special button, and you're first on the linky no need to sign in cool huh. Well, sending healing angels for you & your hubby. Any time you want to talk just stop by. hugs

Danielle Royalegacy

Hope your hubby gets home soon, and gets better! Love your music choice for today, and may you both have an wonderful and sweet week.

Naila Moon

First of all, I wish you hope and much prayer. Missing your mate is understood. Take time for yourself and breathe.

Now for the music, you happened to catch a freebie week which is every other week. You can find the theme for next week on Xmas Dolly's side bar.

I want to welcome you to our dance floor. We have loads of fun here. Your song was perfect for your feelings and that is cool and totally again, understood.

Quintuple threat? I like that!
~Naila Moon

A Daft Scots Lass

and you played my FAVOURITE artist of all time...

I certainly hope things get back to normal soon.


I am sorry for what you are going through, and can certainly, absolutely understand your feelings of missing the man you love. My hubby does a dangerous job and I miss and worry about him whenever it goes. And it is sure NOT helpful when people say "but you knew all that marrying him, so don't complain."
Um, it's not complaining; it's expressing a feeling which I am perfectly entitled to have.
People who are dismissive, I find, are usually the ones who do not acknowledge their own feelings, or are incapable of dealing. with anything.
Also, I also find most these days do not know how to deal with pain. we shy away from it. it makes us uncomfortable.
And if you are one of those people, let me just say: shut up then.
Don't just wait for your turn to speak - actually LISTEN to the other person.
Ha - so there's my rant on the matter!
Great song by the way and perfect for how you are feeling. Just own it I say.
(and you caught us on a Freebie week, which is every other Monday. Next week will have a theme, "Guys and Dolls" (my choice actually) and you can always find the next theme in the right sidebar on XmasDolly's - our host - blog.)


Oh,prayers for Rob and prayers for you too. I think you are emotionally stressed out. Wishing you and the family blessing.
Thanks for playing along with the Monday Music Moves Me.


Not heard this version before made a change so used to Dusty Springfield.

I am sorry to hear your story I hope your hubby is OK and will improve I am sure you both cope very well under the circumstances.

Colette S

We are excited to have you join us!

I thought about putting the theme today but didn't. I should have. Today is a FREEBIE! Which means you pick your own music! How ever many you want to share!

Next week will be a different theme and the week after that will be a Freebie again and so on and so forth.

I'm sorry your love is in the hospital again.
I would never dismiss someone's feelings. They are who we are and must be processed. Many do not seem to understand this.
Like they tell me, count my blessings. I'm counting my blessing, that doesn't mean I'm not in pain from another person who is supposed t protect me.

Give yourself time to process. Don't worry for the future, we just can't see that page as yet. Too much effort to worry about that. Just do what you can with now.

Cathy Kennedy

Wow, I hate to hear that you're dealing with so much! I definitely will keep your hubs in my prayers. And, it's okay that you miss him. I so get that! My DH is my absolute best friend and I would be beside myself, if I were in your shoes.

Meanwhile, if you don't know what to do with yourself then you've come to the right place. Music seems to fix just about anything or at least puts everything else on hold for awhile till one can get a better grip of a situation. Don't worry about if you're in theme or not. Today happens to be freebie pick, so your song fit perfectly. You'll find weekly themes posted on XmasDolly's site. She's the head host of this meme. Next week's theme is Guys and Dolls, i.e. When a Man Loves a Woman, so just have some fun with & get lost in the groove.

It's great to meet you & I hope to see you next week on the dance floor!

It's time to dance to Counting Stars, She Will Be Loved, Falling To Pieces, Bruises, & Never Say Never

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