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15 September 2013


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LOL Thanks M.O.M. - coming around to read your blog finally, momentarily! Glad you found this amusing after all! ;)


Mind Of Mine

I thought it was going to be around $20 a bowl, but it was pretty reasonable, so the call didn't turn out to be that funny. Wish I had something more entertaining for you!

I can actually picture this whole thing. Hilarious.

I love this, I look forward to coming back and reading more.

Jenn @ The Savvy Savin' Mama

Are you still in SC? I am! I hope you all feel better soon!


Sounds like such a caring and loving nurse to not have understood and empathized with you. Just what you needed no doubt


I hope you are feeling much better soon!


Another "fast talker" here--I used to have a job where I talked on the phone to people all over the country. I LOVED talking with people in the south, but I consciously had to slooooow waaaaaay doooooown during those calls.


I hope you and your hubby are feeling better. Loved the story about the chocolate - very honest of you to share it!

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