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11 January 2014


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Count me in on that bucket list thing SA :)


Hope you're feeling better! I love your new name and I agree with you about the smokers. Ugh.


If I lived in Miami I would love to go outside in the winter and thumb my nose at all those who live in the mid-west (where I now live)


Hope you're feeling much, much better soon!

Tina Louise

I'll be using "Why do you need to know that?" going forward. It's beautiful in it's simplicity.

Also, if I was my own boss, I would be *terrible* to work for and *impossible* to please.


Oh man I hate bad drivers. My friends tell me that I have road rage. I tell them that it's only road rage if I get out of the car and then kill them. If they can't hear what I'm saying or see what I'm doing it's all good. But seriously - MOVE!! LOL


Good answer on the pet peeves. I don't get the smokers who step right out the door and light up. I hate walking thru smoke.


That's your view? Oh my, so pretty and soooo much better than the dreary gray view of Pennsylvania in January outside my window. #7 is a hard one for me, too. We should work on that, because I'm sure we're lovable...we just need to believe it. :)

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