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08 February 2014


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That first doc must have been an idiot. sheesh! I'll bet you are glad that long surgery is over. Ron, on the list. check. Hugs for you both!

I loved LoJo in "Selina" but never since. Lopez could really sing back then.


I'm so glad that your hubby is pulling through all of this. I've been following your updates on fb.Holy crap on the journey you have been through SA. Wish I could help you out.

Glad to see you are able to hang out with us on Saturday 9 this week :)


I hope that your husband does okay. Wow. Just goes to show that you should never give up on a health issue.


Wow, what news for your husband! Praying that he heals well and everything turns out okay!

I totally need to organize, too. Maybe during the summer, I'll try again.


Second opinions are vital, hope all will go well for him and your family.


Wow on your hubs!! That's fabulous, and I hope that they got it all, and he makes a great recovery. I'd have been shocked, too. I think JLo is ok as a judge, but I don't get the whole "lets have a 20 year old boyfriend so I can feel young" thing.


Thanks, Gal! :)

The Gal Herself

First of all, good luck to your family during this trying, and exciting!, time. Keep us posted.

I have been watching JLo on American Idol and she doesn't impress me. But then the contestants seem to adore her.

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