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14 June 2014


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I think it's so fascinating that you're going to live on a boat! I like your financial advice. Should have followed it years ago. :-)


i agree, that's good advice! i also love how you have 5 hibiscuses representing each family member!


New blog layout? It's summery!

Loved your answers.


I like to add Diet MD to my margaritas.
I was wearing my Ron Jon sweatshirt earlier today. We go there whenever we hit Kennedy.


Your financial advice is excellent.


I am jealous - I would LOVE to live on a boat! And I like your money answer - so many people don't get that. :)


It was always late fees that kept me out of the library. I borrow once a month from kindle and they don't charge late fees.

The Gal Herself

Love your sci-fi answer. I feel like I'm disappointing people because I don't care about Star Wars.

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