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28 June 2014


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Thank you, Zippi! :)


You are more than good enough. And you are right, there is no "reason" sufficient to explain the suffering meted out by "Life". It just fracking happens.


Yes, but I had gastric bypass surgery, a very helpful tool in the process! And thank you, I really appreciate that!


Thank you, Harriett :)


Good gravy. So many things I could say. Those chicks are gross looking. I hope your hubby comes 'back' soon :)


Wow, you lost 200 pounds? That is amazing. Your answers impressed me - every one of them.


I love each and every one of your answers. Your gymnastics answer sounds like me. The dreams we have for ourselves right?

And yes, randomness is random, and it often sucks. {{hugs}}


(I can never post comments here because it doesn't recognize my blog address as valid. I finally just left it off entirely and the comment went through but then, of course you can't see who posted. This is Bev from http://funnytheworld.com


I loved your answers and I'm sad that you joined that club non of us want to be in...those of us who have lost children.maybe things DO happen for a reason but I sure as hell can't think of one! {{hugs}}


I didn't even think of free yarn! What a good one! I'd always knit with the good stuff. ;-)


Aw, Bobby. Yes, youd best be my dive buddy! ♥


We'll make the boat thing happen come hell or high water (no pun intended). Can I be your dive buddy on the Great Barrier Reef? I've never seen it! I love you just the way you are! Don't ever be afraid that you aren't good enough, because you are always the best at everything you do!

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