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05 July 2014


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Another vegetarian? Even when I ate meat I didn't like hotdogs. Yuk. My kids like them once in a while. I'd say dancing counts as a sport. You need endurance and strength.


I had a scare a couple of years ago, I had a black spot under my toe nail. The doctor had to drill a hole through my nail to do a biopsy... oh so much fun!!!


My son is taking Calc 4 in the fall. What a nerd.

I think we are all around the same height. What's up with that?

The Gal Herself

Wow, you're a brainiac!

It was last Memorial Day that I had a cancer scare and so I know it's something not to take lightly.

I think it would be such fun to mystery shop! How often do you get assignments?


I also need to visit a dermatologist and keep putting it off. I'm still impressed that you're a marine biologist.


I'm with you on the sunscreen and skin cancer scares! I've had some suspicious moles removed that were pre-cancerous. Yikes!

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