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06 July 2014


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Your pie story is just so hilarious! I can see it happening!

I don't always agree with what Obama does, but he has really done some amazing things, not the least of which was taking steps to put the country back to work and stop a slide into oblivion. Those are Herculean tasks and I'm glad we had him in office to do it, frankly.

No one can take on that job, The Presidency, with all it's revolving bureaucratic doors, and it's "hidden riders", and not have problems. Presidents from both parties have had that fight, and bless them for even trying! Only in America can we be both right and left and in the middle, too. We are Americans! We will get it done!


Obama is by no means perfect. But, neither is Congress.


Your cartoons about Independence Day cracked me up! It's not my favorite American holiday any more, but growing up it came second only to Christmas. We'd go to the huge parade my town still has, then we picnic the day away with the neighbors, and finally we'd take in the fireworks. It was awesome!


I echo The Gal about the Lincoln quote and his electability in today's climate.

Your apple pie story is priceless.


I like your answer to question 13. Might have to borrow that one day.

The Gal Herself

Loved the Lincoln quote. I find it sad that today this very great man who *refused* to join a church or claim a specific religious affiliation probably couldn't get elected.

We picked the same political moment! I liked the way you wrote about it. I have friends who cannot believe it when I disagree with Obama on drones or how he handled the veteran's mess. I voted for the man, I support the man, but I don't have to follow him blindly. I think my friends react that way because the attacks on the President are often so personal and unreasonable.

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