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I craft, I bake, I knit, I scrap, and sometimes, I even parent my three growing teenagers!


Written circa October 2007: "So, like, I'm totally awesome.

"Okay, not really. I mess up a lot, but I try - honestly *try* - to do my best and be a good person, and it confuses me when other people don't seem to be the same way."

Written last year: "My life in a nutshell, as of March 2019: I'm the wife of 18 years to Rob, disabled and retired after doing a career of 20 years in the United States Navy. (I'm so proud of him!!) Our eldest child, Chloë Raine, will graduate high school this June!! 😳 I'm still in shock over that one. Jack River will be 16 in a couple weeks, and Sophia will be 14 in a few more weeks after that. I don't like getting older, and I don't like my kids growing up. I can't even lie about that! 😉

"THINGS THAT HAVE NOT CHANGED SINCE I LAST UPDATED IN 2011: I'm diagnosed with Bipolar I with Psychosis, although I'm not, like, kill-everyone "psychotic." The danger is only to myself, but I'm in therapy and intentionally take my meds every day, on time, so I can be the best wife and mother - and human - possible. I strive to help eliminate the stigma attached to mental illness, and not contribute to it by hiding it under a rug, which is why I'm sharing that with you here. It's a very difficult challenge, and now all of us have mental health issues! As a mother, it's tempting to want to blame myself for all of that, for sure.

"I also suffer from severe Anxiety Disorder, and I have some unnamed personality disorder (according to my current psychiatrist; I suggested it be named Melanie Personality Disorder, but she just laughed and moved on). I have OCD, and I've got a lot of PTSD from an abysmally horrid upbringing and some things that have happened in adulthood. Therapy, especially when using EMDR, has been helpful with this.

"Guess that's it for now. I love comments and questions - nice ones, please; I'm sensitive. I'd love it if you visited again some day. See you 'round the blogosphere!"


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