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July 21, 2008


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Aww. I love love love Venice. There is just nowhere like it. I've been twice, and I will definitely go again. I have to!

What a neat trip. I am so glad you guys got to go. Was it torture being away from the kids. 4 days is my max so far and that just about does me in. But we want to go away for a week in Dec 09.

THANKS for sharing it all! Loved it! I'm ready to book my next trip! (Except for the blasted weak dollar!!)


Venice is beautiful. I can't believe you were there! How dreamy...


Oh my gosh. This looks amazing. I can't believe how beautiful and how lucky you were to visit those places. Thanks for coming by and letting me know so I could read this post. Happy day to you!


Most hotels in Spain have wi-fi. It dpneed on the hotel if is free or u have to pay.However, madrid and Bcn is full of Mcdonals. And all mcdonals have Wi-fi.More spanish restaurant and pubs have wifi. This ones u usually cant take a laptop, but u can browse by phone.Dont worry, the are a lot of cafererias, restaurants, hotels with wi-fi.

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