Two Days Old
Bzz Bzz Bzz

Ain't Misbehavin'


I'm about through with this day. It was downright frigid when I woke Chloë up for school. I waited until the last possible minute to walk her to the bus stop because I hate to wear a coat. Hate it. Hate long sleeves. Hate socks and sneakers. I just don't like to be bundled up and constricted. But I was damn cold out there this morning! Brrr.

So after I came home and had some cereal, the first thing I did was head upstairs and face reality.  Summer is over. Time to put away the children's shorts and tees and pull out the pants and sweaters. I'm not much fond of wardrobe turn-over time. With three kids, it's a lot of work. It is fun to see the forgotten items from the previous season, but then there's all that hanging up and folding (and refolding, since Sophia's usually involved and likes to play with clothes the way some kids jump in leaves).

Barbara, the cleaning lady, came today. Which meant we had the mad scramble last night to clean up in order for her to be able to come in and do anything. It's always so nice to have the house clean, but I really wish it would last for one measly hour after she departs. Milk gets spilled, dirt gets tracked in from the dog, someone misses the potty... and we're back to square one. It always makes me want to ring Barbara up and say, "Hey, wait a minute, you forgot something!"

Rob came home two hours early today, unexpectedly. That's the best. Pure joy. It also meant today, when I had to go meet Chloë's teacher for our conference, I could go blessedly alone. I spent an hour with her going over Chloë's behavior and work in the classroom and what we could do about it. She echoed verbatim my sentiments that her grades do not reflect her capabilities. She's just a little space cadet, and we've got to work on getting her take more initiative in getting her work done. I talked to her about it when I got home, but I could tell she was just not with me. She's in her own little world.

It's weird, though. She's confident. She knows she is smart and beautiful, and she will agree if you tell her! Even though she constantly has to be pushed to get her work done, she doesn't feel bad about herself. That's good, I guess. And she is both the smallest and the youngest in her class, so we think part of the problem is the other kids want to help her, take care of her, baby her a little. Strange, since she's the oldest and biggest at home, and completely capable of holding her own. Ah, well. It's a different dynamic.


I had to do a Sonic shop after that, and it sucked. They blew it. I hate when they do that, because it's more work for me! Lots more to type up that way. ;)

Poor Jack is just not feeling well. He's upset about missing school, and I'll probably have to keep him home again tomorrow. He's cranky and miserable and sniffly and coughing and just yucky - but it doesn't keep him from running around with his cars all day! We have to force him to lie down and take some rest.

He posed for this picture, though, while I was trying to get some of Soapy's new earrings:100_4384

Silly. He crackled out, "Take a picture of me doing this!" That's his favorite expression lately.

And here are the two I managed to get of Sophia. She wasn't being very coooperative:

100_4382 100_4387  Cute. If you click on the pictures, you can see an enlarged version. I don't know how to make it show up better on this main page.

That's her "I'm tired" posing. Left thumb in the mouth, right hand twiddling her hair.

Well, that's all I've got to say. Oh, that, and CSI:Miami was really lame tonight. :P