Gone Widget Crazy

Bring on the Hand Sanitizer

Well, let's see. I think I'm on the mend, but Chloë is most certainly not, and Jack is beginning to have that tell-tale cough. So, I kept them both home from school today, a fact that had Jack most up-in-arms. We rested until Daddy came home, and then I took Rob's car out in the cruddy, pouring rain for an oil change shop. His cost three times as much as mine, ugh.  Tonight, we were supposed to go to Chloë's school to set up for the Fall Carnival tomorrow - Rob's in the Haunted House in the gym, and I'm doing games in the cafeteria - but as we were leaving, Chloë doubled over in pain, coughing and on the verge of vomiting. Halt right there! I stayed home with the babies, and Rob went by himself. "Have fun at camp!" I said, as he had a pack full of Haunted Circus supplies on his back.

After he got home, I went out to get Chloë some stuff for her cough and sore throat. Then I remembered one of the few good memories I have of my stepmother: I was about 12, home sick and sleeping in my stepsister Mindy's bed (no idea what was wrong with my own). Linda came home with a stuffed animal - a Poppel, I think, pink and purple - to make me feel better. And it did. So tonight, I picked up the Pediacare and some Tylenol meltaways, and then I got her a "feel better" balloon and the softest, squishiest, most-overpriced little purple bunny. When I returned, she was passed out on the couch, so I tucked the bunny in her arms and came up here to check email. After a while, she cried out in a weak, pathetic little voice, "I want my mommy!!" I rushed down there and pulled her up on my lap. She was holding the bunny tightly, not realizing it, and then she noticed. "Do you like it?" I asked. She smiled and said, "It's purple." This marked her approval. You just can't go wrong with purple.

So I don't know about tomorrow, now. She's supposed to have two acting classes in the afternoon, and then we're supposed to spend 3 hours running the Carnival. Thankfully, I invited the babysitter to come along and watch the little ones, but I might just send her home with them to relax. I guess we'll just play it by ear.

Wednesday, Chloë stayed home sick, too. I think? I know she was home another day this week. But Thursday, she insisted on going. It was her very first field trip! They ate lunch in their classroom and then took the bus to Portsmouth to watch a Junie B. Jones play. Oh, she liked it. She even got to meet Junie B.! And Jack had school pictures on Thursday, so I sent him in a nice outfit and brushed and rebrushed his hair a dozen times before sending him on the bus, at which time I watched him rake his fingers through it, leaving it all sticking up all over. Ah, well. Then he came home from school with a notice saying his pictures were on Friday, not Thursday. So, he missed them today. Eh. It's just preschool.

After the kids came home, I loaded the three of them up in the van to take Chloë for an eye exam. Yeah, for a mystery shop. The doctor there seemed surprised to find out what her glasses prescription was, but when he tested her eyes, he said they were completely justified. She's got some pretty bad vision, and the anatomy and morphology of her eyes are pretty unusual. It was an interesting visit, for a biologist. We went to Pearle, where they have Optomap and can take a picture of the back of the eye without dilation. I could see the retina and the optic nerve and the sclera - very cool pictures.

Then we finished the shop next door, buying her glasses. We looked at dozens of pairs and finally settled on a really cute frame - Ralph Lauren Polo. For a six-year-old. Sighhhh. She better take good care of them!

While we were in the mall, I decided to walk down to Sears to see if her pictures were ready. Along the way, we stopped and got cookies at the Toll House stand, and I had six chocolatey hands to wipe up before we stopped in at Payless to get the kids' feet measured. All their feet are growing so well right now! I bought them all a bunch of new shoes just three months ago, and since then, Chloë went from 7 to 8 1/2, Jack went from 5 to 7 1/2, and Sophia went from 5 to 7! I already had shoes for the older two, so I picked out a pair of sandals for Sophia, since that's what she's still wearing most of the time. She had her heart set on the most garish sparkly pink dress shoes with pink rhinestones and Disney Princesses on the inner soles, and - gag - since they were Buy One Get One, I let her have them. I had to tell her daddy that they were REAL shoes to be kept at the front door, not play ones for the dress-up box. He visibly blanched. At least she has oodles of pink clothes to wear with them.

And the pictures were not ready yet. As we were leaving the mall, I got a text message from Rob that he was home. He'd lost his phone the previous day, at work. ARGH. Not a cheap fix. I swung home to pick him up, and then we went on to my next shop, asking about home services at Verizon. Man, that lady talked to me for FORTY minutes while they waited in the car. Yeah, 40. But it made me question what we're paying Cox now for the same services, and we may just be switching to Verizon. See, that's how they get you.

I'd gotten a message from Darlene, who runs Chloë's dance studio, saying she'd written a check for her acting trip and I could come pick it up anytime. We swung by, and she was there and gave it to me. It was an unexpected amount, and I found myself hugging the Ice Lady. (Darlene is very stoic, to put it nicely. Or, um, an Ice Lady, to put it not.)

Then we went to the T-Mobile store for Rob to get his new phone. I was grudging that expense, but he can hardly do without a phone, so we might as well suck it up. (And his phone was found today. Humph! But it was broken and soaking wet and unusable by that point, at least.) The store looked busy, so I told him I'd go swing by KFC and get a bucket of chicken while he was in there. I got the biggest meal. The kids are eating more lately, so I wasn't sure how much I'd need. Hooboy, that mofo was $40, and you don't even get a drink! Ridick.

While we were in the drive-thru lane, Chloë started squealing that she had to go potty. And then Jack joined in. And then Sophia joined in. All right, all right, I get it! I pulled in a parking space and hauled my three ducklings out. When we walked in, used the bathroom and left, the employees were all staring at me for not buying anything (it was empty in there), but I was like, hello, I just dropped a small fortune at the window, so cough up the cheap, crappy one-ply TP. They hopped on the toilet, one after the other - well, not Jack, since he stands like a man now, with his junk resting on the bowl, as his father is so fond of saying - and made peepees. Even Sophie! She was wearing her new panties and stayed dry this whole time, and she went buckets! Yay!! We are using ONE diaper a day now, for bedtime. Sweeeeet. Here's her cute tushie in her new pannies:

100_4373 100_4376

We're so proud. And excited, to stop funneling all our money into Pampers.

So we went back and picked up Rob, and went home to our chicken. Chloë didn't touch a thing and went to lie down. Jack chowed down on some chicken. We don't care what he eats, but when he gets his grub on, it's a beautiful sight. And Sophie, as you can tell from the pictures, has no such appetite struggles. She ate a little bit of everything.

While the kids were winding down, I worked on my knitting. I'm using a cashmere/silk/merino blend right now that is soooo luscious. It just feels GOOD to work with, and the strands slide effortlessly over each other, rarely knotting up. I finished the back and one sleeve:

100_4377 100_4378

It's going to be so cute! And soft. I hope the little boy who gets it likes the way it feels...

And I'm off. I've got a cardigan to knit up.