The Sun'll Come Out

Damn You, Infernal Machine!

Well, I just had half my post typed up, and then the computer ate it. I HATE THAT!! Whoever wants to type the same thing twice?!


I am tired out. Tuckered. In the wee hours of Sunday morning, we heard a noise coming from one of the kids that was quite unrecognizable. We didn't know who or what it was. Rob went in and found Chloë about to puke for the second time, having just emptied her guts on her brother's bed on the bottom bunk. Niiiice. I sympathized, having a painfully upset tum myself - for the second time in as many weeks. None of us could figure out what the two of us girls had gotten into. Eventually, she made it into bed with us, and Rob went downstairs in the morning with the little ones while Chloë and I rested and cuddled the day together in bed. I also have a cold, and she had a fever and a headache, so we were in no shape to head to the fall festival at the Farmer's Market. Bummer. With its free face painting, animal petting, pony rides and the like, it promised to be a swell time.

This morning, I decided to give Chloë the day off from school to further recuperate, but when Jack and I woke up to get him ready for pre-K, she said she felt better and wanted to go in, too. All righty, then! I got my three little ducklings dressed and fed, and then I made their lunches using the new Wrap-n-Mats I'd just gotten in the mail. The kids were very enthused to use their new Halloween-themed sandwich wrappers, and of course I am always thrilled with anything we can do to cut down on waste and help the environment!


We got Jacky on the bus and then Sophia and I drove Big Sis to her school. They were very happy and surprised to see her there. Sophie and I went home to have a quick lunch, and then we drove to the bank to deposit a big mystery shopping check I'd gotten. (Yay, money!) After that, I decided to take a minute before going home and duck into the yarn store in the same plaza. I didn't know what I wanted, other than to pet the pretty yarns. Well! Then I remembered a couple of nice donations CARE Package had recently received, and I decided to get some nice patterns and good yarns to spoil a few babies.

We were there for about an hour and a half! Sophie was so well-behaved, just happy-chattering a blue streak about all the yarns and books and Halloween decorations she saw, while I pored over patterns for just the right projects. I selected at least a dozen, and then the fun part - picking the yarns! Oh, I got a bunch of yummy ones in bamboo and cashmere and silk and merino. I'm drooling. Wanna see my new loot?


Pretty, right?? And so much fun to feel. Sophia and I ferried our prizes home to wait for Jack. He came home as he usually does, refusing help down from the bus and then brushing right past me into the house without a hello. I'd be miffed if it weren't so... Jack! Soon after, the Littles and I walked down to the bus stop to get Chloë from her bus. There were other kids from another bus coming toward us when we left the house, and Sophia shouted to them exuberantly, "Hi, evvybuddy! Hello, evvyone!" They laughed, I laughed, and so she laughed.

After the kids were all home, I quickly had to give them a snack and then rush them right out the door for my doctor appointment down the road. This doctor is always annoyed when I come with my three children in tow, which in turn annoys me, and today was no different. He asked me if he could help me make an appointment for a "better" time with no children, and I blurted out, "There is no other time!!" He got all defensive and tried to act like he was trying to help me out - whatever! I go everywhere with them; it ain't no thang.

Oh, and in the lobby when we were entering, Chloë entered first and went down the hall while I struggled with getting the double stroller through the door. I heard her talking to a woman, who then rounded the corner and said, "Oh! Mom's got THREE kids. Lucky you," all sarcastically. Irritated, I spat back, "Yes! I am lucky!"  The nerve! Rob said I should have told her, "Well, I used to have four of them, so I am lucky to have these three," but of course, I never think of these things in the moment.

Ah, well. I scheduled the next appointment for noon, so I'll only have Sophia. That should soothe the ol' grump a bit.

On the very short drive home, Jack fell asleep. I got out of the car and found him with his head down and drooling on the carseat harness. I stroked his cheek, and when that didn't budge him, I started to unbuckle him with the aim of carrying him up to his bed for a nap. He instantly woke up and grumpily insisted, "I'M NOT TIRED!" Too bad, my son. I caught you red-handed. Jack and Sophie went to bed for naps, and Chloë and I worked on her homework. 

Daddy came home, which is always the best part of the day, and helped me talk to her about her report card. Her grades weren't as great as I'd expected or hoped, because as usual, she did poorly in listening and paying attention and stuff. Rob says she's just like him, always daydreaming and puttering around and wasting time - and I remember being quite a lot like that in first grade, myself. I'm mainly concerned because it's not reflective of her intelligence and abilities, but I am hopeful that things will turn around when she learns more diligent work habits. I really push her to be independent and timely with her homework, so I guess we'll just keep on keepin' on.

Rob and I got ready to go out, and then our sitter, Stephanie, and her husband Tim came over to watch the Odettelettes. Rob and I had a mystery shop to do down on the oceanfront, in the upscale trendy Hilton bar, Catch 31. We had a great time, laughing and joking, and I was reminded of just how much fun my husband is. Plus I had the two best piña coladas I think I've ever tasted - and that's saying something!

When we got home and said goodbye to Steph and Tim, I turned on the TV and started knitting! I'm using one of the creamy cashmere yarns to make a little garter-stitch sweater, and it's such fun to work with. Of course, I'll post it when the project's done. Or maybe earlier, if I feel like it.

Okay, it's late, and I'm fading fast. Arrivederci!