Bring on the Hand Sanitizer
Two Days Old

Gone Widget Crazy

Thankfully, Rob got off duty early enough today to take Chloë - along with her brethren and sistren - to her first acting class. I felt like shiznat and fell fast asleep, until he called to tell me he was on his way home.  Chloë was feeling a lot better, it seemed, so when they returned, Rob went to the school to prepare for his participation in the haunted house, and I took her to the second acting class.

I woke up feeling crappier than ever, so I reluctantly had to cancel my "job" helping to run games at the school carnival. I really hate flaking out like that, but what I hated even more was realizing that I had bought 50 tickets for the thing that would go to waste if we didn't go anyway! So I called the organizer back and told her that, saying she might as well put me to work, but she refused. Am I even making sense here? I feel like I am not, so let's move along.

At the second acting class, the kids waited in the double stroller, watching a movie, while I knitted. Knit. Knat. Whatever. They were exceptionally well-behaved... until. Three girls came in and, while their mother sat nearby talking away on her celly, they broke out a whole bunch of candy, right in front of my kids. Of course mine started whining that they were hungry, that they wanted candy, etc. Then they started asking the girls for candy, and I kept telling them no. Then the mom asked me if mine could have candy, and I grudgingly said they could have a little. They quickly ate that and then wanted more, and I kept telling them no, we were going to go eat after class - and the girls kept sitting there chowing down. Come on. That's not cool.

So after struggling through the huge door for the thousandth time with that humongous Cadillac of a double stroller, I decided I was done with it. I didn't want it anymore, I don't really need it anymore, and I'm sick of having it. Jack's almost five; he can walk. And if he can't, we still have two umbrella strollers and a wagon. I got Rob's approval, and then I came home and posted it on Freecycle. Two dozen replies immediately poured in. That thing is so gone in the morning!

So, I took the kids to the carnival. Fifty tickets was not nearly enough for three kids, I learned, to do the haunted house, face painting, concessions, and all those games. But they didn't even like the haunted house. That's an understatement. They were supposed to really tone it down for the little ones, and mine screamed holy terror and came out of it crying. They actually touched my children and got right in their faces and screamed. I wanted to punch them. I don't like that; why would a two-year-old?

So we quickly rushed away from there and got some snacks. Choices were limited, and the only real "food food" was hot dogs. Ugh. Major contraband in my house, but we didn't have much choice. Jack didn't eat it; he just wanted nacho chips, no cheese please. He didn't even finish his juice box. At least the girls chowed down.

They needed the energy. We went into the cafeteria and played game after game. The games were pretty stupid, and the kids got prizes no matter how well they did, but for the under-seven crowd, it rocked. They got candies and pencils and trinkets. Lots of fun. Next year, we'll do that first.

We stopped at the school spirit table last. All I wanted was a keychain lanyard, since I lost my Navy one about a year ago and have had to - gasp! - carry my keys in hand or in my purse ever since. If you have three small children, wearing them around your neck is ever so much more convenient, and I don't give a rat's hindquarters about how it looks. But they didn't have any. She even went to the cabinet somewhere else to see if she had one last one hidden somewhere, but no such luck. Rats. I plunked down five smackers for pawprint earrings for Chloë to wear to school on Fridays (the school mascot is a Panther), and we headed home. Finally.

Jack was complaining of a headache, and he felt hot to me by the time we arrived, so I was going to put him right to bed. He reminded me that we never got popcorn at the carnival, however, and he really wanted that "pockorn," so I put in Veggie Tales movie and popped the last bag. Then I cuddled my warm little boy on my belly while the girls went through their treat bags. Rob came home from his job much earlier than I expected, to my relief. So I handed the babies over and picked up my knitting.

He put them to bed, and I watched Dreamgirls. Then he came down, and we watched Zodiac. And that's it.