The Sun'll Come Out

Here We Are Again

Well, let's give this thingy a try. I'm already not loving that I can't change the font, but whatever.

Welcome to the new blog about our family life.  Please don't share the password; refer people to me if they want it.

Here we start...

Rob is working later nowadays, so I have to take all three kids with me whenever any one of them needs to go anywhere after school. It kind of sucks. Today, Chloë had a Brownies meeting, so the little ones had to go with us. The girls were playing a sort of "Chores Charades," and they were learning to be a proper audience and sit up, pay attention, and clap after each performance, for when the troop goes to see Annie tomorrow night. Jack had a truck with him and barely paid attention, but Sophia watched and clapped along with the older girls. She has this expression of absolute wide-eyed, eyebrow-raised delight that I love.

When they started getting restless, I wheeled the double stroller outside to let them get some fresh air and run around, while I helped sort candies and nuts from the fall product sale. Chloë sold a ton of stuff, so she'll get a patch, a necklace, a little bag, and a stuffed dolphin. I just want her to get the patch for her vest!

Anyway, on the way home, Chloë said, "Let's go somewhere!" She wanted to go to the park, but I was just too hot and sweaty and tired. We went home to greet Daddy and bring all our boxes of candies inside, and he and I decided, for once, to let them have fun in the McDonald's play place. We've only gone one other time, I think. After a quick dinner, the kids jumped up to go climbing ... but Sophia is the only brave one in the bunch. She quickly hiked up inside all the tubes, ran around, went down the slides, and climbed right back up. The other two little wimpy chickens just stayed on the ground, hollered up to her, and moaned, "It's too scary! It's too scary!" Oh, well!

The kids and I watched Surf's Up today. None of them really have a long enough attention span for that, though, so it was mostly me watching and them being shushed and told to watch. They are better suited to the half-hour kids show format with two 15-minute sub-episodes!