Damn You, Infernal Machine!
Bring on the Hand Sanitizer


I desperately wanted to keep sleeping this morning when the alarm went off at 0700. I could not get to sleep last night with all the coughing I was doing. Blah, blah, blah, I'm sick, feed me sympathy, yadda yadda. After I dropped Chloë off at the bus an hour later, I instantly fell back asleep until the alarm went back off at 1000 to get Jack ready for school. I was hoping Sophia would still be sleeping, as she sometimes is, so I could get more sleep, but alas, she was ready to get up.

We didn't go anywhere today. I felt like such crud. She bipped and bopped around the living room, playing with her toys, while I lay on the couch and watched, participating whenever she asked.  Sometimes she crawled up and lay down next to me, and that's my absolute favorite thing in the world: holding my child, who is calm and relaxed, rubbing her hair and her impossibly soft skin, kissing her head, imbuing her with that "I-love-you" feeling. And when I'm sick and not up to moving, there's nothing better.

When Jack came home, I finally hurried into a shower, which I should have done earlier as it perked me up. We were late getting out the door to get Chloë, and I hoped she would just come straight to the house as I've instructed her to do numerous times if such an occasion ever occurred. I started to get the little ones in the wagon - dreading the effort it would take to pull it - when I saw the kids disembarking from their bus, up the street. I stood there and watched as she walked home with the "big kids," a trio of fifth graders who have taken a liking to her. They helped carry her bags and one held her hand, and I started considering letting her walk home with them every day. It's just a few hundred feet... I don't know. It's an alluring possibility, but I always have the idea of a predator snatching her off the street and driving away in the back of my mind.

I fed the kids a quick snack and then helped Chlo into her tights, leotard, ballet skirt, shoes and scrunchie. Oops, we forgot to go potty - must undo and redo the whole routine. That's nothing new. We drove to ballet, and I just wanted to sleep for the hour wait while she was in class. I went inside to find Darlene, the owner and director, who said she was going to give me a check to sponsor Chloë's acting trip, but she forgot the checkbook at home. Argh. I'd asked her three weeks ago and she said she would, but I felt too shy the last two weeks to go in and ask her again. She finally called me a few days ago to tell me she hadn't seen me to give it to me and... eh, I'm getting bored of this.  Next week, I hope.

I kept coughing and coughing in the car, and the Littles kept saying they were thirsty, so we drove around the corner to the Wendy's. They each had a chocolate milk (hence the lid you just found in the pantry, Rob), and I had a much-needed drink. Jack got a big kick out of this, since we normally just sit in the parking lot for the hour and idle away the time with him constantly asking if she's almost done, and he decided this would be a weekly pilgrimage for us. Why not.

We drove home, and Daddy was still not there even though he got off work two hours earlier (damn commute!!) so we drove to the bank to deposit two more mystery shopping checks I'd gotten. I had a silly anecdote about that, but it just escaped me. Rats.

When we got back, he was still not there. Grr. It was absolutely perfect weather, and Jackie echoed what I was just thinking, "I want to stay outside!"  I sat on the porch and watched while they ran around, pulling each other in the wagon. The neighbors, also with three young kids, came up from a walk, and our six children hugged and played and enjoyed themselves while I laughed with the other mom. Rob finally came home, and I was so relieved. I NEEDED a nap - and I finally got one, for a short half-hour. Better than nothing.

Jack was cuddling with me before I fell asleep, and he decided he wanted to be called River (his middle name) instead of Jack. I kept saying, "River [do this], River [do that]" and he thought it was hysterical. I started calling the girls by their middle names, too, and Jack was supremely amused by this.

Anyway, this is a very droll post, and I'm finally getting sleepy, so g'night.