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Two Days Old

I was making some food today, and I was thinking to myself how old it was when I realized it was two days old. For some reason, the phrase "two days old" struck a cord with me, and I found myself thinking about Chloë at two days, Robby and Jack at two days, and Sophia at two days. How fortunate I am to have memories of all four of my children at two days old. I lingered over thoughts of Sophie at that age, because she is my youngest and the memory is most fresh.

In her two days of life, she was born, whisked to the nursery as a completely healthy (for once, thank God!!) newborn, I went to a regular recovery room, and my baby was brought to me to nurse. That was utterly undescribable. After the first night, when I was unhooked from all my tubes and cords and medications, she was allowed to room-in with me, and I admired my precious baby for hours on end. Instructed to start walking (no rest for sore c-section patients), I pushed her little plexiglass crib around and around the ward, and we sat in on the horrible Shaken Baby Syndrome seminar. And then, right at two days, we were both released from the hospital. I brought my brand-new baby home. No NICU stays, no surgery complications for me, no more medical interventions of any kind. It was grand. I will never forget it.

But it is over so fast. It is sad to have a two-day-old baby, whether it's your first or your last, because on the one hand it seems like they were just born and on the other, you can't believe it's been two whole days already! And then you realize what you are in for. Two days quickly becomes two weeks becomes two years becomes five, ten, and then you turn around and it's all over. Of course, we still have a fair way to go, but that fresh, new baby is now two-and-a-half, and I can't imagine where the time has gone.

Speaking of lost time, I was going through an old wallet that I'm getting rid of tonight, and I found some old IDs. It's always fun to look at your younger self, isn't it? Here I am as a sophomore in high school:


And here I am as a senior: Baker2

Here I am in college:


And here I am as a young mother, in my first passport photo as we were getting ready to move to Guam:


Now, of course, I'm completely fat and ugly and gross, so y'all don't need to see a current picture. But the point is, those days seemed just like yesterday - especially the college days - and the time just flies by so quickly. I never felt it so strongly as I do now, with kids who refuse to stay babies. It's painful. The progression of life is inevitable, and there is nothing we can do about it except enjoy the time we have.

The double stroller is gone. It was yet another purchase we made in Guam, right after we got the news that twins were on the way. Yet another tangible piece of proof that Robby once existed, even if he never took a ride in it. I refused, until now, to feel any emotion about giving it away. It's just a material object, after all. Someone else needs it more than I do. My surviving twin will be five in a few short months, and my baby girl is growing quickly and rarely agrees to sit in the stroller anyway. But I let Rob take care of the actual handing over of the thing; I hid inside and took no part in giving away one of my most cherished "twins-are-comin'!" possessions.

After that, we fed the kids and then showered to get ready for Rob's eye exam. Another mystery shop. Honey, I hardly do anything anymore unless I'm getting paid for it! Kidding... mostly. We got to the mall right at the scheduled time, and at the reception desk, we were told our appointment was at 1315, not 1345. Hell no, sister. I wrote it down right as it was being scheduled, and I clearly remember her voice on the phone. 1:45. They were not at all pleasant in telling us that six other people "showed up" for their appointments, and no offer was made to reschedule us. We were completely incensed and left.

So with a trip to the mall and nothing to show for it, we started toward the exit. We passed Claire's, where Chloë got her ears pierced in August, and Rob piped up behind me, "Wanna get Sophie's ears pierced?" I thought to myself, Yeah, right, and said sure. I totally thought he was joking, as we have long been opposed to piercing babies' ears on the grounds that they should be able to ask for it themselves. But he asked her, and she said she wanted it (hello, she's two - what does she know about it?), so he took her in and started getting her signed up.

I kept waiting for the "ha ha" moment, while I was outside the store, sitting on a bench. I wasn't going to take part in this. But then he mouthed out the window to me, "Gold or stainless?" I just frowned at him. And then they put her in the chair and gave her the stuffed animal. Wait a minute... I bolted into the store and gaped as they started putting the dots on her ears. He's - serious?!! They're going to put holes in my baby's ears?! I stood there and checked the dots myself, and the next thing I knew, another associate came over, and they're shooting the studs through her earlobes. She got that completely shocked look on her face, and then she started hollering. Rob, in front of me, bent over her to comfort her, while I whacked him repeatedly on the back to let me at her. It seemed like forever. By the time I got to her, her tears were dry, and she was admiring her new earrings. I couldn't believe it. I still can't believe it. She's two! Only two! But I have to admit, they look very pretty on her. Rats, I forgot to take pictures. Tomorrow I'll post.

Then we headed to Sonic to do another shop before going home. I didn't feel like sitting home. It was cold, but we had a free day together as a family. I couldn't come up with anything to go do, and besides, I needed to go grocery shopping. We were plum out of food for the kids to eat mañana. I made my list and drove to the store. I have to say, they play really good music while I'm shopping there. I always feel body wanting to boogie, and more than once I've caught customers looking at me before I realize I've been singing right out loud.

When I brought the cart out to the car, I had the pleasing realization that there was no huge stroller in the back to hinder loading up the bags (canvas, natch).  That was a plus. I'm glad to be rid of it. Really, I am.

I can't believe it's almost been two days since I decided I was done with it. Time passes so quickly.