Here We Are Again
Damn You, Infernal Machine!

The Sun'll Come Out

Wild_melanie_2 Here's a fun thing! I created a "Wild Things" version of myself at Build Your Wild Self and plan to make one with each of the kids tomorrow. Try it!

Yesterday, I woke up with a sore throat and a cold. "NOOOOOO!" was my thought. I don't have time for that! After getting Chloë and Jack on their respective school buses, Sophia and I just hung out and relaxed. Well, as much as one can relax with an insanely active two-year-old in the house. The house appraiser came around 1300, and she was instantly taken with my Soap. She claimed to have just met a five-year-old who didn't talk so nicely as my little tot! Sophie told her name, her age, and used "please" and "thank you" without being prodded. As usual when someone is admiring my child(ren), I just stood there and beamed.

Rob had to stand watch in the evening, which meant Jack and Sophie were invading my night out with Chloë and the Brownies. We went to see Annie at the same theater where Chloë had last year's dance recital. The girls had taken a vote the day before, and they had chosen "theater dress" over "Brownie vest." I showered and, for once, actually did my hair and put on some make-up - which turned out to be a poor choice, given that it was still much hotter outside than it looked. Sweat and make-up don't mix, and two minutes after we left the house, my hair looked like it always does. Gah. But the kids looked nice! I put Jack in the suit (dress shirt, pants, vest and tie!) that we bought on sale two or three years ago and have been waiting for him to grow into ever since. My, my, did he get the compliments from all the girls and their moms! Sophie wore her 2nd birthday dress, and Chloë wore the other dress we just bought for her trip to L.A. (Not the one you just saw in the Sears pictures.) What? You didn't see those? Here they are!


And no, I didnt get any pictures last night, dammit! I brought my camera and everything, and I never remembered to drag it out of my purse.

So, Jack and Soap didn't exactly behave. They were good for maybe the first 15-20 minutes, sitting quietly in their seats or on my lap. Then they started getting restless. Jack was back and forth, back and forth between his chair and my lap, constantly not-whispering in my ear that he was hungry and tired. Sophia was fascinated by the light on the outside of her aisle seat and kept going in the aisle to examine it. And then she discovered the other rows had them, too. Then she came up to me and handed me a wet, half-eaten piece of candy, saying, "I like it, Mommy!" Thinking she'd found it on the floor, I quickly took it away from her and stuck it... somewhere. ;) She started sobbing SO LOUD that she wanted it, and I could not sh-sh-shush her fast enough. Then she got off my lap and revisted Kori, the Brownie in the row ahead of us, telling her she wanted another one. And Kori obliged. AGHHH! (a) Don't feed my kid candy. (b) Don't feed my kid anything without asking me first (or telling me after!). (c) Don't bring candy to a theater. And (d) Don't feed my kid candy, without asking me first, in a theater!

Shortly after the intermission, I realized they were just done, and I decided to take them out. I waved a quick and frazzled good-bye to the other moms, leaving Chloë with the Troop Leader, and hustled them out to the lobby. I didn't know what we were going to do or how long was left in the show or even what time it was, having forgotten my Palm and cell phone at home. (I never wear a watch.) Jack was seriously complaining of hunger, and any of you who know that he's the size of a small one-year-old realize that when the boy needs fed, the boy gets fed. I took them outside and looked around the downtown Norfolk street. Hmm, sushi. Probably not. Zero's subs! We ran across the street, and it was closed. Bugger. A few more doors down was a pizza place, but all the ready-made pies had meat on them. Not gonna happen. A-ha! An open Subway. All along our way, people stopped and smiled at my dressed-up sweet babboos. The Subway cashier, a man, asked me if they were twins. Everyone asks me if they are twins. This is nothing new. When I told him no, he looked shocked. Then he asked how far apart they were, and when I told him over two years, he looked more shocked. Then he said, "She's older, right?" and when I said no, again, I thought he'd break his mandible on the counter. I told him their ages, and he said, "Whoa! I have a four-year-old son, and he's THIS BIG!" showing me a height about twice Jack's.  Seriously, why do people think this is a thing I want to hear? Is that helpful? No, not so much. And constantly having to explain about the growth hormone deficiency to total strangers gets a little old.

Anyway. They scarfed down their sandwich and drink and cookies and were STILL hungry, so I bought a bag of chips and hurried back to the theater with a towhead in each hand. Along the way, we met people streaming down the sidewalk with their Annie playbills in hand. Shoot, we're late! I found all the Brownies waiting for us, with a couple missing who were searching for us. Oops. We collected the other passengers in our van, said good-bye to the troop, and headed out. I was so frazzled from the whole evening of toddler shenanigans that I couldn't remember whether I had to go East or West. Yes, we have lived here 4.5 years. No, you can get much further east than Virginia Beach. I apologized to the other mom in the car for being such an idiot - and then I drove straight to our house instead of back at the Brownies meeting place where her car was parked. She laughed, at least.

At home, I passed off the kids to their father so I could finally get a much-needed rest. It was way past their bedtime, and they were ornery. So was I. Then Rob and I watched Fracture, which was really good. Just don't watch the deleted scenes and alternate endings; better just to leave things be.

I slept a good sleep, but when Rob woke me up this morning, I felt way much crappier than yesterday. Not thrilled about that. He let me rest some more, while he made the kids some strawberries and oatmeal for breakfast. When he woke me up again to ask if I was going to take Chloë to her acting class, I looked at him and moaned something like, "I'm siiiick." He started to say something about not taking the little kids along, but then he looked back at me and changed his mind. Thank God. I felt like ass. 

I had to get up, though. No time for a cold! I had things to do. Mystery shops to do, shop reports to submit, more shops to apply for, and records to keep for them all. And Chloë had to go back to the acting school for the intensive training she's going to be getting for the trip to iPOP! L.A. in January. So I showered and dressed and took her to that, and I drove back out here to get my oil changed for a shop (and not a moment too soon, either; I was in drastic need), and back out to get her. I talked to both of her acting teachers about their expectations for next week, and they were both really enthusiastic about how well she's doing. She learns her lines very quickly and is learning not to look around, instead of looking at the camera, when she delivers them. She added her own little thing to the end of one thing, and the teacher loved it and told her to keep it in for iPOP!

No rest for the weary, of course. We decided to go deliver the Girl Scout goodies during whatever daylight we had left. Rob loaded up the wagon for me, and we headed out. It got dark quickly, though, and we didn't even hit half the houses. She was so cute, saying, "Hi, I have your order!" when they answered the door and "Thank you for supporting my troop!" when they gave her the money. One lady even gave her a dollar for "being such a good saleswoman," and of course she didn't stop chattering about that dollar for an hour. The collections business is hard, though! Right, Dad? ;)

Well, I think Rob and I are going to watch Lucky You now, so I'll sign off here. For the uninitiated, I blather on unashamedly in my blog posts!