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Tricky or a Treaty

Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go

It was an interesting and busy day.

I woke up late this morning, so I had to rush, rush, rush Chloë out of bed, into clothes, and down the stairs, still half-asleep. Poor thing. Did I ever tell you a week or so ago that when I came in one morning, she sat up and scolded me, "Mom, you woke me up!"? Yes, honey, that's why I'm here...  We made it to the bus stop with time to spare this morning, and I went home and zonked back out on the couch.

Had to keep Jack home from school again this morning. I think I'll send him tomorrow, but he still has a nasty chest cough. Really? Chest cough? As opposed to... his feet? But he's okay. And I'll send a note telling them to call me and come get him if he's not.

The Littles and I played a little after breakfast, and then we went upstairs so Mama could take a shower and fold laundry. Only I didn't fold the laundry. I sat on the bed with Soapy and watched Curious George. It was more compelling, what can I say.

When Chloë came home from school, I gave the kids a quick snack, and then I helped her write a thank-you note to Darlene, the director of her dance studio who gave her a nice check for her iPOP! trip to L.A. in January. She did a nice job. For a six-year-old. We hustled her into tights, leotard, and ballet shoes and headed for class.

The Littles and I just sat in the van during dance class; we didn't go to Wendy's for chocolate milks this time. They didn't ask, or I would have. Something much more exciting happened, however. About 45 minutes into class, Sophie piped up in a panicky voice from the back seat, "Mommy! Mommy! Help me! I have to go potty!!"  Well, well, well. (We are in the throes of potty-training for the third time in the Odette household, and this one has not quite gotten the idea that panties are not diapers, and we're not supposed to pee in them.) So I hurried her inside, whipped off her pants, put her on the potty, and waited. And waited. And waited. "Shut the door, Mommy!" Why do they think I should not be privy to their goings-on in the potty department? But they do. So I shut. Then I heard a little girl voice say, "I'm poopin', Mommy!" "I'm going poop, Mommy!" "I'm poopin'!!!" She kept me updated on her progress. Finally my nose told me the deed was done, and then she did herself. I was so proud! She actually told me she had to go and didn't have an accident! Hurrah.

Chloë fell asleep, drooling all over her harness, on the way home. Like all my children, she insisted she wasn't tired and didn't need a nap, but Daddy and I overruled that sentiment. She slept for hours, while I headed out for my appointment with my therapist.

This was probably the best session I've had with this therapist, to date. I don't want to talk about it here, but it was great. I'm feeling really good about things.

I talked to my dad when I got home. It was a brief conversation, but a really good one. I'm glad we were able to talk. He's going to come for Christmas, which will be really nice, especially for the kids. I look forward to his visit.

Chloë and I left again, to go get her new glasses. She looks really cute in them and is so pleased that "they have pink on the inside!" (The frames are pinkish on the inside, where only she can see.) Rats, I forgot again to take a picture. I'm slacking. After they adjusted them, I had them fix the old ones too, since they're the same prescription and will be kept for back-ups. They gave me the big sigh and then did it.  Psht.

Since we were already at the mall and her six-year pictures were now overdue, we walked down to Sears to see if they were finally in. I had been calling for days. Ellie, our favorite photographer was there, and I told her they were overdue. She and the other girl tore the place apart looking for them after the computer indicated they were in. No luck. I really didn't want to wait for them to be reordered, since I've been hyping them so much! I finally conceded to having them printed out there - only to find out they look better than the ones printed at the lab! D'oh! The printers have improved in the last few years, because last time I compared, it was by far the other way around. So, we have our pictures and will be mailing them out soon.

Walking back toward our car, we were both overcome with hunger, and I asked Chloë if she wanted a slice of pizza. Of course she did. I told her not to tell Daddy, who was home making dinner, and to keep it our little secret. She agreed. But they didn't have any plain cheese slices left and were closing soon. Rats. It all had meat on it.

Then we headed to her acting school. They had called me earlier and asked if I wanted four free tickets to Sesame Street Live. But of course we do! They were given the tickets as a courtesy, and we were the first ones they thought of, having three children in that age group. Sweet! I don't know if Sophie is free or not, so I don't know if all five of us will be going. Hope so. While there, I showed them Chloë's new portraits, in the gown she'll be wearing to L.A., and they were duly impressed by her gorgeaciousness.

I brought Chloë home, since it was getting late by this point, to eat dinner and do her homework, while I ran to the store for various and sundry necessities. Including a gigantic bag of giant-breed dogfood that broke my dang back. And cough and cold medicine for the Little People. Not those Little People, my LPs. The cashier refused to take my coupon, because it was for Children's Tylenol, and the medicine I got was Children's Tylenol PLUS. Well, I have been a cashier and a customer service cashier and a front-end manager in a grocery store, and I know how the coupon business works, and I know this coupon was completely acceptable. So I said, "Well, I'd like to challenge that, so can I see a manager please?" She called one, and it turned out to be my buddy Katrina, who knows me and mine. She said, "Of course you can take this, and this is how you do it," being kinda totally patronizing to the cashier, who was giving me major attitude prior to that. The cashier didn't look me in the eye after that. Hoh well. A dollar's a dollar.

I came home, and the first thing Rob said to me when I walked in the door was, "Sorry they didn't have any cheese pizza for you, dear!" I walked in, hands on hips, and said to Chloë, "Hey! That was supposed to be our secret!" She just giggled and said she forgot about that. Hehe. Then I ran into the living room to watch the bitter end of Dancing With the Stars. And boy, was it bitter. I shouted, "OMG!" and sobbed when Sabrina got voted off, and I was mortified when Rob came in the room and caught me standing there crying over a dancing TV show.

So that was the day. But no, no, not quite yet! I have to run out right now, at 1:20 AM, and go do an IHOP mystery shop. I could have done it at 11:30, but, well, things came up.

It's not like I wouldn't be up anyway.