Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go
Holy crap.

Tricky or a Treaty

Well, today's the day. One of the biggest days of the year for a kid.

That's right. It's Wednesday.

So Jack went back to school today, and he was very eager. He came home so pumped, with frosting and chocolate all over his face and shirt, and one bag of candy from his school party and another from the bus driver. He even got a miniature pumpkin! (And speaking of pumpkins, we never got around to carving ours. Horrors!!)  Then Chloë came home, and she had an gigantic bag of candy, too. And pencils, and toys and other loot. Sweet gravy, I don't remember making out like that when I was in school!

Sophia came down with what the other kids and I have had, finally. I suppose it was inevitable. She probably feels worse than the other two had, combined. Her little voice is so hoarse, and she is just cranky and miserable. Poor thing. They all needed naps before trick-or-treating, and when I told her it was time for bed, Sophie just burst into tears and said, "I want to trick-or-treat!!" This was at 3 PM. I had the hardest time convincing her it wasn't time yet!

So they napped, and still feeling not great myself, I napped. Before I knew it, the doorbell was ringing at 6:30, and Rob was jumping off the couch next to me to give out candy. Whoops! So he went up to get the kids roused and into their costumes. None of them were happy about being woken up, until they realized it was time!

So we dressed them up. Getting three kids into Halloween costumes involves a fair amount of confusion. Who gets what, who's helping whom, what shoes to wear, who needs clothes underneath, blah blah. Jack was being very clingy and Sophia was being very... sick. She insisted she wanted to go, though, so we took a few pictures and sent them out. On their own.

100_4390_2 Of course not!

Chloë was Kim Possible, Jack was Nemo, and Sophia was JoJo

What can I say? We're a Disney-loving family.

And I got the costumes for super cheap. :D

100_4393 After a while, Chloë wanted to stay home with me and pass out candy, while the little ones went to a few more houses with Daddy. I was really surprised by that and couldn't convince her to go out! This is her friend Rebecca, from the bus stop. Then Rob and the Littles came home, and Chloë wanted me to take her around. We hit a few more houses, but there were suprisingly few porch lights on this year.

100_4395 I remembered we needed to go to the mall to get her new glasses, and there was  still time to trick-or-treat there, so we ran home to get in the van and get more candy! Lots of places were out by that point, but she still managed to get quite a haul.  And she said lots of funny stuff while we were out, like, "Ooh, I hope there's lots of spooky and scary stuff at the mall! I like getting freaked out!" (So untrue.) And, "I'm not afraid of anything. Except snakes and worms. If you put a snake on me, I would scream all the way up to heaven! And Robby would hear me!" And, "Are you afraid of ghosts, Mom? You're not? Are you brave of ghosts?" There was one more really funny one, but I forget it now.

100_4396_2 So then we got her glasses fixed - she'd complained to her teacher about them hurting her ears today - and went home. Here she is in her new glasses! What do you think?

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Happy All Saints Day!