I Will Kill This Machine

As God Is My Witness, I'll Never Go Hungry Again

100_4763 This is the result of the last two days, and about 20 hours, of my  (not-so-) annual Christmas cookie-baking marathon. I use the same Crisco cookie book that I've been using since I got it in college, but since I always seem to make the same favorites, Rob and I culled some new ones to try. And some old faves. Here comes the parade of Fiestaw100_4764are:

NEW: Cranberry Nut Oatmeal Cookies - pretty good, even for a girl who doesn't much like cranberries.

100_4765_2NEW:  Orange-Glazed Date Nut Bars - Rob likes them; not my favorite.

NEW: Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars - Really good. I've actually never made bar cookies before. OMGosh, so easy, I vowed to make all bar cookies next year!100_4766_2

100_4767 NEW: Caramel Nut Chocolate Cookies - kind of a PITA, but totally worth the effort. I made these first, and got my first bad burn so doing. The caramel burns right through the bottom of the cookies - and onto your hand - if you're not careful. I learned quickly, though, and they're sooo yummy.

100_4768 Cherry Chocolate Chippies - an old standby. I like these because they look Christmassy without being the obvious easy choice: red and green m&ms. And they taste good. I just realized how many fruity cookies I made this year. More to come.

100_4769 NEW: Lemonade Cookies, garnished with coconut - SO good. These are definitely on both our Top Three list and will be a repeat next year.

100_4770 Raspberry Linzer Rounds - another old favorite. I found a really fine seedless raspberry preserve for them this year, the rest of which Rob will enjoy (maybe on some scones I'll make after the cookies are all gone?). I'm not big on raspberries, but these are great. The speckles are chopped up almonds. I usually sprinkle confectioner's sugar over these, but I just didn't this time, for no particular reason other than I wanted to be finished, already!

100_4771_2NEW: Southwestern Bizcochitos - definitely the most unusual of the set. They're made with anise seed, which I had to substitute with fennel (thanks to MIL for the advice) since they were out, and topped with milk and cinnamon sugar. They're all right. Just okay. I mean, they taste good, I guess, but it's not my taste.


NEW: Spritz Cookies! I admit, I didn't really know what that meant, I just liked the name. What it meant was Rob going to Wal-mart and then William-Sonoma to find me a cookie press. Find one he did, and these are the most fun to make, if not my favorite to eat. I'm just not a big sugar cookie fan. But I'll be making lots for the kids, who think sprinkles are the best, with my fun new kitchen gadget! And I can't wait to do fun hors d'oevres and canapes and stuff with it, too. Glee!

100_4773 Jammy Pinwheels - another old favorite. I screwed one batch of them up seriously, but only the way I put them on the sheet. They still taste great, made with strawberry jam. The kids love them, too. And they're fun to make.

100_4774 NEW: German Chocolate Brownie Cookies - except here, they look just like the Brownie Cookies I have made lots of times, because I hadn't topped them yet. :P Picture tan coconut-and-pecan stuff glopped on top of each one. I really like them; Rob, not so much.

100_4775NEW: Donuts! Not really. That's just what Sophia and Jack kept calling them, from the appearance. They're Pecan Cookies, rolled innumerable times in confectioner's sugar. I love these so much. I just wish I could, for once, get the balls to stop spreading so much and stay balls. This is the best they've ever come out, though. Chilling helps!

100_4776 And this, oh this, is the little boy who has been watching his mother bake for two days, sometimes patiently and sometimes less so, dancing around the house singing about cookies, telling anyone he knows about cookies, making up stories about cookies, and trying to find a way to get a closer look at each of the cookies. Cookies, Mommy, cookies! That is the reason I make the cookies. For the excitement on his face. After I had started to package and parcel them out for friends and neighbors, I invited each child into the kitchen to pick one before bed. He knew the one he wanted right away, and did his face light up when he got it! I hope it was his best cookie ever. At least 'til next year.