Merry Christmas!

Chloë Time

100_4925_3Thursday, we had Chloë's Christmas party at Brownies. We had to bring a $5 gift to exchange, but I brought one of the Webkinz that I had stored in my closet instead because, uh, it meant I didn't have to shop for something else again! Rob got home in time to keep Jack, Sophia and Jade, so it was just Chloë and me at the party.

100_4928 First, the girls received all their Try-Its and fun badges from the work they've done in scouting so far this year. They got Try-Its for manners, Girl Scout ways, and pretending, and fun ones for early bird registration and winter fun (for going to the Polar Express). We're still waiting on a couple more, including the one she earned for selling 50+ items in the Fall Product Sale. Yay, Chloë!

100_4940 Then the girls each picked a number before going to the head table to choose their present. We definitely gave the 'best' gift, but I got in trouble for it! Not really, though. The girl who got the leopard Webkinz clutched it to her for the rest of the time we were there.  Chloë received two puzzles (pandas and Hannah Montana) and proclaimed hers was the best gift. I'm glad she thinks so! Then we all had refreshments, and we moms chatted each other up. I love the Brownies moms. We all get along well, although there are a few new ones this year that haven't quite meshed yet.

Friday, I woke up sick a-freaking-gain, for like the sixth time this fall. Absurd! I'm going to start bathing in bleach, I swear it. And to make things even better, Rob had duty, so he wasn't getting home until 2300. Swell.

Jack came home from school so excited, because Santa had been to his school and brought him cars! He has been carrying all four of them around ever since. He got lots of goodies from school too and was very glad that he went, after pitching a fit about it that morning. Chloë also came home with treats from her Christmas party, and they all seemed in high spirits. After Jade was picked up, I asked Jack (my pickiest eater) what he wanted for dinner, and he chose Subway. Hoh, boy, that was fun. While I ordered our sandwiches, they fought and yelled and cried and hollered (okay, Chloë did) at the table. But they ate well.

100_4951we came home and decided to make one of the Christmas crafts Grandma had sent to the kids. Each of the three of them sat and put a lot of work in on it, and they all seemed proud of it and excited to show Daddy when it was finished. Jack's favorite part was the glitter, and Chloë's was the big snowflake. Sophie just liked sticking on the holly leaves. And see those fuzzy little pink balls? I superglued them (which you're not supposed to use, but I was too impatient for the regular glue on some parts) to my fingers and had to cut them off with scissors. The kids all grimaced at that, thinking I was hacking off my skin, but I just left some of the fuzzy bit on me. Why am I sharing? I have no idea. Diarrhea of the fingers...

Then we sat down and watched Chicken Run, even though it was past bedtime, because they napped late and wanted to see Daddy. It was a PITA to knit with that glue and fuzz on my fingers while we watched, I tell you what. But I managed. After they went to bed, Rob and I started watching A Prairie Home Companion, but he fell asleep, and I got bored and went to bed. I thought it would be more interesting.

Today, we slept late (yay) and then Chloë and I went to Chesapeake for her iPOP! class (second to last one before the trip, omg!) while Rob stayed home with the littluns. She did her lines and had great inflection and all that perfectly in the car, but then she got in front of Sean and the camera today and was just stiff as a board. Argh!! So frustrating. I'm going to be working with her intensely on that over the next two weeks. I know she'll do it for me at home. Will she do it at iPOP?? Time will tell.

100_4956 Then Chlo and I came home and decided to do some scrapbooking together! She had gotten this little kit from a boy in her class for her birthday and has been after me to scrapbook with her ever since. So we spent hours together at the table, just she and I, doing our crafting. She did a great job with her little book and loves showing it off!