As God Is My Witness, I'll Never Go Hungry Again
We Don't Need No Cervication


I got the call I've been waiting for since May, today. My number finally came up on the Drastic Bypass list! I have an appointment for January 31st in the general surgery clinic. It's not the actual surgery appointment (I wish), but the pre-op to go over all my paperwork, bloodwork, and everything I've got to get done before then. I'm so excited! I hope I get the surgery done well in advance of the trip to Europe so I can enjoy all the activities we have planned. And not just be another fat American in France. ;)

I'm too tired to think of anything else to say about today, although there was plentiful much. We're buried under mounds of laundry, so now I have to go attempt to fold a bunch before I snug down in my pillow.