I'm Supposed To Be [insert just about anything else here]!
Happy New Year!

Fat Frog

Remind me that's the drink I want to order, next time I go out to a bar. I just want to say, "Gimme a fat frog!"

So nothing especially exciting happened today, except that I got to sleep in wicked late, after staying up knitting on teeny-tiny needles with itty bitty yarn last night. Cute, though. I'll show ye:

100_5050 That's going to be the back of a wee cardigan for  little boy. Then I'll make a matching hat and socks.

I haven't finished the sweater-that's-to-be-felted yet, because I ran out of yarn. Dang it. I need to get to the LYS (Local Yarn Store, in knitters' parlance) for more so I can finish that last bitty bit and felt it before we leave on Thursday morning.

Thursday morning!!! I ran her through her paces today, and Chlo is so ready to go. She's going to do great. I did a bunch of laundry today and will begin selecting her auditioning wardrobe tomorrow and Tuesday. I told you we went on a mini shopping spree so I have some decent clothes to wear to the thing too, right?  It's just a matter of time, now. We're so excited about our little trip together!

Oh, and Rob took Sophie to the ER today. She's okay, but she's got this booboo on her toe that she keeps picking at and bothering (along with the burn that she got from the iron the other day), and it looks infected and really nasty. So apparently she has cellulitis, and she got some abx. Guess she was a super good girl at the hospital, too. Very patient and never cried. That's my baby!

I've been scrapping into the wee hours and am just taking a mini break. I like to do that between pages so they don't look like each other. I'm getting used to the organizer Rob gave me for Christmas - and the little matching one I bought last night for the rest of it- and I think I like it. So Steph, whenever you're set up, I'm portable now!

Tomorrow that Jade comes back. I'm not looking especially forward to it. Glad I gave my notice!