We Don't Need No Cervication
I'm a Loser Baby, So Why Don't You Kill Me

I'm So OVER It!

Nothing really defines this day so much as being sick. I'm sick, again. Yesterday it was just a minor cold that didn't bother me a-tall. Today started out the same, but I quickly deteriorated into a useless pile of poo.

I sent both Chloë and Jack off to school, coughing away but with cough medicine down their gullets, and I had to go pick up Chloë soon after Jack's bus pulled away.

Sophia's miserable. She rarely gets sick, but she just looks pathetic right now. True to form, though, she still bipped and bopped her way around the house, playing dress up over and over again, jumping on the bed when we were upstairs, and proclaiming "I LOVE X, Y and Z" all day in her congested little voice.

Jade's got a cold, too. I am so tired of hearing her little whiney cry all day. The poor thing, I know she doesn't feel good, but man! I just feel like shouting, "SHUT UP ALREADY!" I'm horrible, I know, but I guess I'm only human. I took a nap with her sleeping on me today, and it was good for both of us.

The only one who isn't sick is Rob. Knock on wood. I hate it when he's sick, because I need him.

Well, that's all. We really didn't do anything other than cleaning up some here and there, and I folded five loads of laundry with no end in sight. Where the heck does it all come from????