I'm So OVER It!

We Don't Need No Cervication

As Wednesdays go, this one wasn't my favorite, speaking of surgeries... I had to go to Portsmouth Naval Hospital today for another colposcopy & LEEP. That doctor did things to parts of me I don't ever want to feel again. Ouch, I can still feel it, both fo' real and psychologically. I almost puked. I nearly cried. Seriously, it hurt and was uncomfortable. (Thankfully, Sophie was in the childcare waiting center having a ball, and Jadey was asleep in the stroller.)

So, since it's my third time dealing with this cervical cancer crap, if this one comes back bad again, I'm going to see about having all my lady parts removed. Whatever, we're done having children. As long as the ovies stay put and they don't have to feck with my hormones, I'm cool with it. I mean, how many times are we going to tempt fate here? Obviously it's just going to keep coming back.

Anyway, that was today's excitement. The neighbors got Jack from the bus while I was at the hospital (I made prior arrangements this time, so there was no pissy, bitchy bus driver to deal with), and he looked happy as a pig in shit when I came to pick him up.

Oh, and Sophia is obsessed lately with the dress-up box items, especially sparkly things and the tutu. She interchangeably calls them "my pretty," "my ballet," and, well, I guess that's it. I think it's sweet. She always puts on her "ballet" and comes running to tell us that she's pretty. That box is full, but I keep meaning to add or change out the items, and I never do. I should, she loves it. And she's so flexible and tumbly, she's definitely going into gymnastics when I find something for three-year-olds. Now to find the appropriate activity for Jack! I'm still thinking soccer, and Rob's thinking martial arts. Martial arts? He's so teeny! Maybe that's the point...?