I'm a Loser Baby, So Why Don't You Kill Me

Who Likes BJ's?

Sunday. We slept in 'til 11, which was grand because we'd been up 'til 4. Rob watched Thank You For Smoking while I finished cataloguing my yarn stash (yay! Finished it all!). Now that I wasn't medicated and didn't miss every other funny line, I liked the movie a whole lot better. Rob Lowe is particularly amusing in it.

Stephanie came, and we went out to Rockfish on the beach for lunch. We've been there several times for mystery shops. Good stuff. Rob had a breakfast quesadilla, and I had seared sesame scallops. Yum. It was cold and windy out, and I didn't bring my coat, so I had to pass on Rob's suggestion that we go walk on the boardwalk. I rarely give up the chance to be near the water, so he knew I was really cold. We ran across the street to get some kitschy beach Christmas presents for my dad's kitschy beach house (only because he'll be here for Christmas) and then went home.

More things happened on Sunday, but I'm hard-pressed right now to tell you what. On to Monday.

I kept the kids home from school again. Ugh! It's their last week, and they've both already missed SO much from all the illness they keep swapping, but they were miserable. Their coughing is just so bad. I think I will send them today but won't be suprised if either of them comes home early.

I had Jade, so we really didn't do much during the day. I am still so undecided about whether to keep her and take on more kids, or give up the daycare thing altogether. On the one hand, it's nice to get paid every week, but on the other, it really cramps our family style. It's just a scheduling thing. I adore Jadey, but I just don't know. Someone tell me what to do!

After Rob came home, we went to Jason's Deli @ Pembroke Mall, so I could do a shop. I'd never been to a JD before, but Rob hyped it up for me as really good. I was sorely disappointed. It's no Panera. The service was strange and confusing, and I do not like to go into a restaurant and be confused about what I should do. Hello, that's weird. Plus, like Schlotzsky's, they put egg in their tuna. Ick! If I wanted egg salad, I would order egg salad. And I wouldn't expect to find any tuna in it.

The soup was good, though. Rob ran into Sears to bring Ellie, our photographer, her Christmas card, and then we drove down to BJ's to do our grocery shopping. At my last therapy appointment, my therapist gave me her grapes that she'd bought there, and they were really good. So she sent a Christmas card with a BJ's coupon in it, for a trial membership. Thought we'd go and do our shopping there, to see what they have. We used to have a Sam's membership in Panama City, but I never renewed it when we moved back here from Guam, because I thought we spent more money than we otherwise would have.

Well, hallegeud, I was right. We spent about $300 more than I wanted to! Granted, we bought a booster seat for Chloë (wow! At six years old, she's finally big enough for one - but barely) and some other non-grocery things, and I shopped for a month-plus instead of 2 weeks, but dang. We'll be sticking to Farm Fresh from now on!

And the food is crammed in nooks and crannies all over the place. It's kind of rediculous. But at least there will be plenty to eat when my dad gets here on Sunday, so he can't say that he can't find anything to munch on!