Are We There Yet?

I Am Knitter; Here Me Roar

All right. This is my third time trying to make this post, so forgive me if I sound a little grumpy!

Moving right along...

100_5727_3 This is my first attempt at using DPNs (double-pointed needles) and also at making socks. I hate socks and never had the interest to make some for the others - what's the point if they're just going to get stinky, smelly and worn out?

But when I paired the blue set with Saartje's booties, I thought the booties were just a little too small to fit right. I thought I better finally take the DPN plunge and try to make Sockotta (the real set) socks.

100_5728_3 Tremulously, I cast on for them last night while watching my boyfriend, Larry David, on our Netflix DVDs of Curb Your Enthusiasm. (Shame on Cheryl for leaving him for the underwear guy!)

It was interesting, to say the least. I've cabled, bobbled, done Fair Isle and intarsia, used tiny straight needles and circulars, but I've never had to contend with four needles at once, much less on such a small working area.

But I managed to finish them today while making only a few mistakes, and I know what they are so I can correct them for next time. If I may say so myself, I don't think they're half-bad for a first effort:

100_5729_3Cuff up (and doesn't it look weirdly narrow for such a big foot? but it's uberstretchy and maybe I don't know what 'normal' baby feet look like since all my kids' piggies are tiny);


Cuff down. I think they look a little more balanced that way.

So my question for you is, which one should I use for the set? These (Sockotta) or Saartje's booties? Here they are all together for your reference:

100_5731Sockotta is on the left; Saartje is on the right. Thanks for helping me decide - please vote in the poll below!