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WFMW: Dinner Help For Picky Kids

Wfmwsmall_2 I think I have mentioned this elsewhere before, so forgive the redundancy! It's been a while, though.

I have one VERY picky eater (Jack) who often makes mealtime a huge hassle for all of us. One thing he loves, though, are crescent rolls. He adores those.

So one night when Daddy - who usually does the cooking - had to work at night, I was scrounging around for meal ideas that would please all three kids.  Sophia'll eat anything. Really, anything. And she'll eat hers, mine, yours, and the dog's. Chloë's pretty good about trying anything, so it was mostly Jack I had to worry about.

We had a stash of crescent rolls in the back of the fridge, and I got to thinking - I can roll stuff up in there! So I finely - and I mean finely - diced up some chicken breast and sautéed that in some olive oil, and I cut up some cheese (use either Velveeta or American slices for yummy meltiness). I put a little bit of the cooked chicken and a blob of cheese onto each triangle - oh, I cut each one into three smaller triangles for easy kid manageability, too - and rolled it up. I baked it according to the directions on the rolls.

Guess what? He ate one and asked for more! Now I keep crescent rolls on hand all the time and try to find lots of interesting things to add to them. Cooked broccoli is a great addition!

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