Sunny Side Up
Oh, And Another Thing...!

A Vent

I love my kids, but... they are so destructive! I can't believe how ruinous they can be. Is ruinous a word? I don't care. They have destroyed dressers, the girls' vanity, pillows, mattresses... I just can't believe how much they break, ruin and destroy. And that's not to mention the clothes and toys. How did my parents prevent this? I know my sister and I were never like this, and they would not have stood for it! They are such small children, too, so how on earth do they do it?!

Then there is the house. The stains on the carpet are killing me. I have tried everything under the sun to try and get them clean, and it's just awful. My current method of choice is the Woolite Rug Stick, that new broom-like object with the heavy-duty rug cleaner inserted in it. It helps, but it does not completely clean the spots.

And aside from the floor, there is the constant filthying-up of the back door glass, from the dog jumping up to get in the house. There is the mud that splatters all over, everywhere, from the backyard every Spring. The refrigerator is always a mess, there is too much clutter in every corner of this house, and what are we going to do when it's time to sell??? Which might be this summer?

It's going to take some serious deep cleaning. The buyers will probably insist on new carpeting, which we can't afford, and the fridge, dishwasher and stove aren't the greatest. And what if we don't sell right away? How are we going to live on the other end of the move?

I'm freaking. If I were seven months' pregnant, I would just realize that I am in the nesting phase, but can you be a nester when you're about to lose the ol' ute entirely?

*Deep breaths...*

Think I'll go get rid of something. Anything. I don't care what.