Éire go Brách!
WFMW: Oust!

Calgon, Do Your Thing

I am so ready for a break. A break from the coughing, a break from sick kids - sick kids who whine and cry too much, who fight with each other out of boredom from just sitting around all the time, who don't listen when they're told to do anything... Is it June yet? I am so ready to go on that cruise right now.

Everyone's still about the same. Can we all just assume that to be the case, unless I post otherwise?  Good.

Jack stayed home today and probably will again tomorrow. I, on the other hand, am ready for him to go back to school!  Not just because it's easier with just Sophia, and not just because he and Sophie bicker and tattle and hit each other and so on. It really messes with my schedule to have him home! I am so used to planning my day between 10:50 AM and 2:39 PM, and without that, or at least having the expectation of dropping what I'm doing to watch for the bus, I am lost. It's confusing. And if you know me at all, you would daresay I can ill afford to be more confused.

We didn't really have anywhere to go today, so after breakfast, after watching Mister Rogers and the Neighborhood of Make-Believe and Mr. McFeely and the gang, and some new knitting, we headed upstairs. Mama had four loads of laundry to wash, dry, fold and put away. And I accomplished almost all of that, plus a shower, before the kids clamored for lunch. Ho-kay, then. Back downstairs we go. 

I fed them lunch and then plopped us back into the living room so I could knit a few more rows, when Chloë came home. She seemed to be in good spirits. This was good. Lately, she is Miss Grumpy Pants when she comes home. We got her ready for ballet, and then Jack fell asleep. Ten minutes before we had to leave for dance class, and he crashes out on the couch. Great.

I spent all of ballet knitting and listening to Sophia telling me she had to go potty just so she could get out of her carseat. She does this every week. I know she doesn't have to go, because I can tell when she REALLY has to go and when she's just saying that to get out of doing whatever she's doing. "Okay, honey, in a minute, when we get home, hold on, baby, blah blah blah blah..."

Daddy beat us home, and I'm glad. Seeing his car in the driveway is always exciting for me, coming around the bend.

It was good, too, because I had to go see my therapist for the first time since, like, early December, I think.  I don't know what kept me away, other than being busy and generally happy and non-depressed and stable and good!

We had plenty to talk about today, though, among "the cancer thing" and the gastric bypass yes/no situation and everyone being sick and my being so stressed out with everyone being sick. My main stressor right now is the recovery period after surgery and finding help taking care of the children. She suggested I call social services at the hospital and see what kind of services were available in my situation, since Rob can't take leave. I'm hoping, praying, there will be something available. If not, I plan to fall upon Satchi and Joel (I finally asked her what his name was at the bus stop this morning) for even more help. Oh, humility, this asking for help business.

So, anyway.

I came home, had some dinner with the family (chicken breaded with French's onion thingies, broccoli, au gratin potatoes, if you're keeping score), and settled in to watch Day Two of the Dancing With the Stars premiere. Do y'all watch that show? I just love it. And there are so many great people on this season, I don't know whom to root for. Kristi Yamaguchi? The happy girl from Hairspray? Steve Guttenburg, on whom I've always had a little crush? (Yes, since I was a child. Hey, he's a cutie.) Adam Corrolla? I just don't know. What I do know is, what'sherfacethetennisstar has to go. She does nothing for the show, and it does nothng for her.

And I finished the back of the little sweater I'm working on:

100_5921Cute and boyish, right? It's about time for a boy one again. This is another Plymouth Yarn Studio Design pattern, but this time I'm knitting with the very eco-friendly Sirdar Snuggly baby bamboo DK.  It's my first time knitting with bamboo, and I'm enjoying it.  I find that it has qualities both similar to knitting with cotton - as a fellow plant fiber - and some animal fibers. It's got a similar feel to cotton and is sort of stiff and non-stretchy like that, but it has an excellent drapeyness that I like and is very soft. I'll definitely be using it again. I still want to try corn yarn, too... So the back is done, and almost half of the front. Not a whole lot is going on tomorrow until evening, so I expect I'll get a great deal more done then.

And that will be sayonara to you folks. Thanks for not teasing me about peeing my pants multiple times yesterday! ;)