A Vent
If Anyone Cares...

Oh, And Another Thing...!

I forgot to mention on my pouty little rant earlier that my eldest informed me this morning that Jack has been peeing underneath his bed!!! This, in addition to having to go back into pull-ups at bedtime because he was wetting his undies every single night. I mean, what the hell??? He was dry for a year before this. And then, regression, for no reason that I can think of. I didn't coincide with going to preschool, and I really don't know what to do about it. I have tried talking to him about getting up to go potty until I'm blue in the face, and he just says "okay" and then goes and does it again. But peeing under the bed?! On the floor that is already 'skustin'?? What do we dooooooooooooooooooo.....!!!

*taking another deep breath*

Anyhow, anyway.

I thought Chloë was going to morning school for Intersession this week, but I found out late last night that it's next week she's doing that. Which complicates things further for me being in the hospital, but I suppose since it's not mandatory that she attends intersession - though she could really use the math help - we'll not worry too much if she misses.

But Jack went back to school. He has a "regular" Spring Break of one week, whereas Chloë has three. She attends year-round school, for those that have missed that. When I told him last night he was going back today, he had a little meltdown, but he was bouncing around and ready to go this morning. Phew! I hate the tears and the stalling and the eventual necessity of having to carry him out to his bus!

So it was just me and the girls today. Unfortunately, we couldn't do a lot of fun stuff, because I had bucketloads of laundry to fold in preparation for Barbara's make-up visit tomorrow. You really do have to clean before someone else comes in to clean, so they can get around stuff! I want to maximize my dollahs, after all. 

That took several hours, and then I had to get my shower after putting all the clothes away. I could hear the girls giggling and jumping on my bed and being silly - which, for once I didn't mind, because they weren't fighting.

Jack received some Toys 'R Us gift cards in the mail, so I was going to take him there to get a few little cars after school, until I found out about the peeing thing. So after I finished my shower, it was time for his bus to pull up, and we three ladies waited outside for him. The girls picked dandelions and ran around, being happy. It wasn't that warm out today or we would have stayed outside to play, and Jack ended up being a cranky boy when he came in. I gave the kiddos some lunch and then sent them upstairs for quiet time. Chloë went to our room to read a book, Sophie went down for a short nap, and Jack I could hear playing with his cars. I don't care if they nap, especially at 5 and 6, but I do want them to get a little downtime to rest each day.

In the meantime, I had two very successful phone calls: for one, Satchi agreed to watch the kids all of next week (except Monday, when Stephanie will), even though her husband will be at school. I am so glad. And for another, I was told that insurance would cover the entire cost for my CPAP machine, where I had been told it could be up to $1,000 out of pocket. I was thinking, huh, well, if I have to pay hundreds or more for the thing, I ain't gettin' it! The anesthesiologist wants me to bring it to the surgery next Monday, but I don't think we'll be quite set up by then...

100_6359My friend Katie was baking bread today, and it inspired me to do the same. I'd been wanting to bake more bread lately, and it was just the impetus I needed. I made the same recipe she did - two loaves of French bread. I forgot to take a picture with the first one, before I brought it next door to Satchi and Joel right out of the oven. Rob and I had a couple of pieces, and then we were joined by the kids who had their fair share, too. Tomorrow I might bake another loaf! Unless the kitchen is too clean to dirty up so quickly...

In the evening, of course, I watched Dancing with the Stars, and I've decided to throw all my money (ha) behind Kristi Yamaguchi. I've been a fan of hers for, I don't know, centuries, and she is just really good! I'm rooting for the little smiley, chubby girl, too - I don't know why, but I identify with her. ;)

While watching that and (gag) The Bachelor, I cast on for the back of the dress that matches yesterday's hat. I kept having to tink my stitches and reknit them, though; it's the kind of pattern you have to pay close attention to, and I don't want another zig-zag mishap.

I guess that's all. Time to go get everything off the floors so Babs can vacuum. Have a glorious Tuesday!