Part II: Sleep Study
Before I Forget...

Part III: Easter

The kids let us sleep in super late this morning. (Yes, after I returned from the sleep study, I had a little breakfast, read the paper a little, cuddled with Rob, and then snoozed a bunch more.) When we got up, they were shouting, "Happy Easter! Happy Easter!" Who told them? Was the Bunny here?

I had set my alarm, but slept through it, so we totally missed going to church this morning. Normally, we go Saturday nights, but had to miss it for the CPAP test. I am so disappointed we didn't even go. Shoddy, shoddy Christians, I tell you.

So with the three kids in our bed, clamoring to go downstairs and do Eastery things, we asked them if they knew what this day was really about for us. "Eggs!" "Candy!" "The Easter Bunny!" "Doing an egg hunt!" and all the usual things you might expect from small children. Instead, I made them be quiet and listen while Daddy told them about Jesus being crucified and killed by the bad people who didn't believe he was the son of God, and then waking from being dead and living again. It's kind of hard to explain such things to a 5- and 6-year-old (oh, my gosh, he is really five!!), let alone little Soap (who happens to be the only one able to pronounce "Jesus" correctly). But they asked a lot of good questions, and we answered them to the best of our ability, and after a while, we were satisfied.

I had Daddy keep them busy while I snuck their baskets out of my closet and went downstairs to hide them. Only, no one cleaned up from the birthday party the night before, so it was kind of hard to find decent places to tuck them.  And they are not the brightest of basket hunters yet, so I couldn't hide them too well or we'd still be searching.

100_6079 Coming down the stairs to search for baskets

100_6081 Jack quickly finding his behind the treadmill, on the fireplace hearth

100_6084 I love the way Sophia is slinging hers brutishly over her shoulder after finding it - such a Sophie thing to do!

100_6085 Chloë finds hers behind the rocking chair!

100_6087 It was a very water-themed Easter, with buckets and pails instead of traditional baskets, shovels, water guns, water balloons, bubbles, and blow-up toys for the beach and pool...

100_6089 ...but of course, Sophia's favorite thing was all the candy in her bucket!

100_6091_2 She was sneaking more every time we turned around!

100_6093 Jack managed to dig into his, as well

100_6094 Chloë having a meltdown because she told me I could eat the head of her chocolate bunny - but she didn't mean the ears! Hey, you figure it out!

100_6095 She quickly perked back up when told she could blow up her octopus - and she did a tremendous job of it!

100_6098 Sophia shows off her crab - and I don't mean Jack!

100_6101 Time to color some eggs! The little nylon bags worked just as well as regular cups, surprisingly.

100_6102A bounty of beautiful huevos

100_6104 After finishing three dozen hard-boiled eggs, we were on a roll and decided to dye the uncooked ones, too!

100_6107 By this point, Sophia and Jack were bored and all I had left was Chloë to decorate eggs with me100_6105

She made these hilarious silly face eggs...

100_6113...while I foiled up these shiny ones! (It was fun but incredibly  messy.)

100_6114 Our finished work, at last

100_6115 Alas, we managed to crack a bunch of eggs in the process!

100_6116 What else can you do when life hands you lemons...?

I can't believe how many eggs I have eaten in the past couple of days. And I haven't really eaten eggs - except in stuff - since 1995. I had many deviled eggs yesterday, and an egg salad sandwich today... where does it end??

The rest of the day was spent quietly, with all of us observing Family Naptime and then having a spaghetti dinner together.

To Rob's chagrin, I filled Chloë's watergun and shot it around at the kids before he stopped me. Heh. So I sent Chloë outside with it to water the plants. She enjoyed that!

Well, I still have the ends to sew in on that blue cardigan, so I'm going to go finish it now. S'pose I'll post a picture of it tomorrow. After that, I am going to go wash the paste out of my hair - I still have not gotten a shower! Ew.