Second Verse, Same As The First

Spring Is Less Than Two Weeks Away!

That oughtta make you smile; it does me. Well, let's recap, shall we, and see everything I've missed this week?

Monday: Psychiatrist appointment for med refills (bad. Must reschedule this immejutly). PTA Board Meeting. Knitting Guild Meeting.

Tuesday: Chloë's ballet class. Open house for Girl Scouts summer camp.

Wednesday: Erm, nada. Wow.

Thursday: Taking Chloë to Brownies.

But, things are looking up. For one, I do believe the fever has finally broken. It seems today I was sweating my bullocks off because it was actually warm out and I forgot to turn on the AC, and not because of the sickness roiling within.

For another, you find out you have friends who care. Robert-Not-Craig (don't ask), another bus stop parent, brought Chloë to the bus stop in the mornings for me so that I could stay home, out of the chill. The nice Japanese neighbor lady took Sophie over to her house today and yesterday, so I could rest. And Debbie, our Brownies troop leader, came to pick up Chloë and drop her off for their meeting today, and she also insisted on bringing dinner over on Saturday. I forgot to mention our non-meat-eating habits; would it have been rude to mention that? Anyway, I didn't. But isn't that so nice? There's another non-disease-related source of warmth in my heart.

100_5885After a few days off, I was able to pick my knitting back up today. Seriously, I was too weak and shaky to even hold the needles still; it was lonely and booooring. This colorful eyesore is the cotton blanket I'm making to overcome my afghan allergies. It doesn't look like much now; they never do at this stage. I'm hoping she'll be a beaut when she's finished, though.

Truthfully, I really don't like knitting with cotton. It's stiff and not stretchy - or my favorite, sproingy. It's unforgiving in showing any knitting mistakes, not that I ever make those. Heh. It's heavy, and it's not very soft. Or warm. So. I'm having a hard time garnering my enthusiasm for making this blanket a third time, when I usually hate to repeat a pattern even once. It'll probably take me a month. 

I am in the finishing stages of the plum-colored cardigan, though (the bumpy one, remember?) and hope to show you the completed project tomorrow. I really like it. It's soft and bouncy and pretty, and I just hope I don't screw up the seaming.

100_5888 So I gave Chloë my camera to take to the Brownies meeting today, which was held at BB&T bank, asking her to bring back some pictures for her scrapbook. This is what I got in return! Debbie took one picture of the girls in front of... a brick wall that you can't even tell is the bank. Hahahaha! That cracks me up. Oh, well. I can work with it.

Oh, guess what, guess what, guess what?? I got a call from Chloë's local agent today. She's been booked to do an ad for Dollar Tree next Wednesday!  We're very excited for her. She'll be doing swimmy stuff. They actually wanted her in January, but we were going to be at iPOP! then - and they remembered her and specifically asked for her! So with that, the modeling classes she's doing now and next weekend's performer's expo, there's a nice new bit of padding for her résumé. Way to go, Chlo!


Thanks for all the input on Jack's birthday party, both by email and in the comments. The winning suggestion came from MIL, and that's to bring the party to Jack's school. I like that because (a) it's not at my house, (b) I don't have to deal with parents, (c) all his friends will be there, and (d) Jack will be happy and in his element. So I wrote in his notebook to his teacher, and she said I could bring juice, cake and party favors, but no balloons or candles (surprise), and it had to be short and sweet. You know, that's fine. His birthday falls on Easter weekend this year, and there will be plenty of activities to make him a happy boy. We'll do candles and balloons at home, and it'll be great. Yay for moms!

Um, so since I haven't showered since I don't know when, I'm going to take my Smelly self upstairs and do just that. Smell ya later!