The Saturday Night Post
A Vent

Sunny Side Up

I assure you, this won't be a very exciting post, as I have accomplished very little this weekend as planned.

I did do some scrapbooking between last night and this afternoon, and I was able to make up eight pages. But what really annoys me about myself is that I'll look through magazines and on sites for inspiration, have a great idea hit, and then go back and do my normal 'blah' pages. I rarely incorporate the inspirational ideas into my own work.  Why??  I have some sort of scrapping block, I tell ye.

100_6358 I never did show you the hat I knitted for the next sweater-to-be. I am not loving the yarn, Plymouth Yarn's Dreambaby DK, 50% nylon and 50% acrylic. I am so spoiled now by the natural fibers that I don't really like working with anything manmade, I guess. It just feels a bit "sticky" to work with. But it's soft enough, I suppose - I am allergic to it and do break out, though, and I've had about enough of that. It's also a Plymouth Yarn pattern, and I like it. This was supposed to be a bonnet, but I just made it into a regular ol' hat. My Palm T|X is the model!

We watched Michael Clayton over the weekend, and I don't know what Rob thought of it, but my reaction was to turn it off and go do something else until I could stand to come back and see the last half-hour of it. I just found it bland and tedious and can't believe there was so much uproar about it. It really didn't do much for me.

Other than that, this is the rest of what I have accomplished:

100_6353 First you crack the pretty eggs

100_6355 then you halve the whites and scoop out the yolks

100_6354mash up the yolks into little bitty crumbles

100_6356mix in some mayo, mustard, salt, pepper and, prematurely, the paprika

100_6357_2fill up the eggies with the yellow stuff and sprinkle on more paprika

That reminds me, I had a very bad dream that my Fiestaware got all smashed up to bits. How awful!!