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Apparently You Can Make A Post Without A Title

Yeah. *We* Made This. Honestly.

Here are more of the photos from Chloë's Brooklyn photo shoot with Lenka Drstakova:


Okay, yes, you've seen this one already. But this is slightly different coloring - and I just enjoy looking at it so much, I thought you might, too!

Chl02clor1 I love the expression and toughness of this one. It's something I didn't expect at all.

Chl03clorWhat can I say about this picture that you're not probably already thinking yourself? Those eyes!! Amazing.

Chl04clor1 What strikes me about this one is her beautiful, sweet, soft-looking pink skin. (Sophie is yellow-toned; Chlo and Jack are my pinkies.)

Chl05clor I love this one. Very cute, without being too twee.

Chl06clor The off-centered placement of this one bothers me, but otherwise, she looks great, very little-girl-next-door.

There are about, oh, 75 other shots on my disc from this shoot, but I don't think you want to see them all! Unless you want me to do a post of outtakes? Nah, I didn't think so.

So, what do you think? Have we been blessed with gorgeous kids, or what?! Okay, I may be biased. :D