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Mirror, Mirror, Off The Car

Probably the highlight of my day was when Jack and Chloë came in and woke me up to tell me that he had gotten up in the middle of the night and actually used the potty instead of, well, anything else. Yippee!! We hugged and laughed and high-fived and grinned.  This is a step in the right direction, I hope, and not just a one-time thing.

This was probably the lowlight of my day:

100_6372My freaking driver's side mirror fell off my car! While I was driving, no less!!! Out of nowhere, it started to lean away from the car until cathunk! It just came completely off and started banging around on the outside. I haven't hit anyone, and no one's hit me, so it just completely sucks. Rob's done a temporary fix on it, but I have a feeling it will come right off again while I'm driving around tomorrow. Must get that taken care of ASAP. You never know how much you depend on that thing until you lose it, man. Driving home on the interstate was sure fun today.

Today was a Brownies meeting. Usually, Sophia and Jack run around like hooligans when we're there, and I'm constantly having to yell at them to come to me and be still. Well, I don't know if they sensed my flagging energy or what, but when I told them before we went in that I needed them to just sit by me and be quiet, they must have listened. Sure, they wiggled and jabbered a little, but I barely had to say anything to get them to just sit tight and not bother the big kids. Thank heaven for these small things, because I am still so tired today.

100_6368 Today, the girls talked about plants. How they grow and live, what they need to survive. Debbie set up this display with celery and food coloring to get the girls to see how water moves up the plants and out to the leaves, but she admittedly didn't set it up before hand, and of course it takes more than an hour to do its thing. So, they didn't really learn much from it.

100_6369 And dudes, she literally used half a bottle of food coloring for each cup! I kid you not. I was watching her do it, like, "What the hell?" Three drops would have accomplished the job.

I love Debbie. She's really nice, very earnest and thoughtful. But I can't say a lot for her troop leadership, and it wasn't very disappointing when she told me tonight that she is stepping down for next year. I would love to step up and take over, but I don't know that we're going to be here for the fall. And I'm sure it's a lot more work than I realize, but I think it would be fun, too. And they would damn sure know what patches they're earning, and how, and why. It's very scattered and disorganized right now.

So. After Brownies, we arrived home at roughly the same time as Rob, and I handed over the girls to him. Jack hasn't let me forget about that trip to Toys 'R Us for his cars since I mentioned it Monday, and this evening was as good a time as any. (It was on that trip that the mirror fell.)


First we stopped at customer service to get his crown and balloon, and give his name and age for an announcement over the PA system. Of course we got the usual, "He's FIVE?!! I thought he was two!" bullshit. People need to realize that's not cool. Gonna give the boy a major complex.

Luckily, the Hot Wheels cars were right up front, so we didn't have to wander all over the store and see lots of things he couldn't buy, since all he had was two $3 gift cards to spend (from Geoffrey's birthday club), along with his $2 allowance. Of course, ginormous trucks were right with the itty 99-cent cars, and he doesn't quite get the concept of "we don't have enough for that" yet. I tried explaining that he could get two $3 trucks or six $0.99 cars, but he just wanted the $20 big rig. I just stood there and let him have his little fit for a minute, and then he asked to be picked up so he could see all the cars. He picked the 'six' option. Smart kid. Then he picked two small things of m&ms to get with his allowance. The same customer service lady was our cashier, and she complimented him on his smart shopping choices, getting so many things. He beamed.

100_6373 The boy with his loot.


The candy and cars he chose - cool stuff!

100_6370_2Vivian, with big sister Kori

Can you see this lovely knitted jumper on Vivian, from Baby Gap? I so want to make this! It's got lots of interesting stitches, and it seems very cozy. I love it.

Chloë feels much better today, thank you. She seems fine. I really think she is having migraines, poor thing. She had no problem sharing my sushi dinner tonight, which she wouldn't have with any queasiness.

Thursday night just isn't the same without The Apprentice! :( We watched the four back-to-back episodes of The Office, but we'd seen them all. Actually, we didn't really watch all of them, and Chloë caught us not-watching, but y'all don't need to know about that. And I did some knitting on the sleeves. I'm hoping to have the thing done before the whole hospitalization stuff happens. Then I can concentrate on healing. Maybe I'll knit a uterus cozy. It'll be chilly outside of my body. Think they'll let me poke at it when they take it out? Me neither, but I'm going to ask anyway.