Doesn't That Just Figure!

WFMW: Organizing Front-Door Chaos

Here is what our foyer looks like after a long day:

100_6432_2 Not so pretty.

Now, there is a mirror with hooks on it on the wall right next to this, for hanging backpacks, dance bag, dog leashes, etc. And there are more hooks across the way for keys, hats, helmets, etc. But what about all the (&^%*(& shoes?!?!

100_6433_2 A few years back, I went to the unfinished woods store and got this big unfinished storage trunk. I painted it white and distressed it (perfect so you won't get distressed {har} when the kids -and life- make a mess of it) to match the shelf and mirror hanging above it on the wall. Then I went to... Michael's? I think? ... and bought a just-the-right size basket to fit inside, one for each member of the family. At least until that last kid popped out, but the girls can share. Everyone loads their basket with the shoes they wear frequently - and when the lid won't close anymore, it's time to get rid of some shoes, dudes. Because that is one big box. It even fits my rollerblades!

So how does it look now?

100_6434_2 Ahhh, much better. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser could clean it up even further - and some ice to pick off that melted candle in the back corner - but this, this works for me! {Now if I could only get hubs to put away that dang extension cord!}