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Ahhh, Bunny Balls

Ohhh, welllll.

We were supposed to go to Portsmouth today for Sophie's 3-year check-up, and we were supposed to go to Jack's follow-up counseling appoinment, but that was before an enormous migraine knocked me off my plans for the day.

I don't know what's going on with my head. I had this same thing last night: I have this pressure on my left eye and it's causing this whole area on the left where I can't really see. At first I thought it was because I was wearing off-prescription contacts instead of my usual glasses, but it came back today even when I wasn't wearing them. Rob's concerned about it. We're just hoping it isn't a brain tumor. And if it is, we're hoping I don't die before or during our cruise.


So I canceled our appointments and, after a while, I had to put Sophie in her room so I could safely lie down myself. The headache eventually went away, but I still have the eye pressure thing. Perhaps tomorrow, I'll call and do something about it.

Have I mentioned that I have been waaaay less allergic to stuff since going completely off that one med? That sucks. I'm being very careful to monitor my mood and depression levels to make sure I don't start swinging way downward again.

And to finish off the boring medical talk, Rob and I discussed it this evening and it looks like we're going to (try and) go ahead with the Newport News docs I visited the other night. Despite the out-of-pocket cost and the little bit of extra traveling we'll have to do for all my appointments, it's worth it because of my increased confidence and rapport with that doctor and the fact that they can do the operation of my choice. So I'll get the ball rolling on that. Perhaps tomorrow.

100_6853 Sophie woke up late last night for a midnight snack. I was listening to music on my headphones, so she thought she'd give it a listen, too. She was very pleased with the experience. You can see video of that, here.

100_6856 Later, she and Daddy had some quality time looking over the globe and talking about where we live and where we're going to be going on her cruise. I have nothing cute to say about that, but I liked the scene.

100_6858 After Jack and Chloë came home from school, I was divvying up the box of Gymboree clothes that came in the mail during my nap. I was just going to post a picture of all the clothes laying out on the couch, but no children love getting - and modeling - new clothes more than mine do. All three of them are such little clotheshorses! They dove happily into the box, yanking out items and shouting, "Is this for me? Is this mine?"  Chloë insisted they all try on and model all of their new outfits, so here's Sophie in the cute little dress I bought her. If I could just sew simple little dresses just like this for her, she - and I - would be so happy!

100_6860 Chlo was so happy to see all the 'twin' outfits I bought for her and Sophia. (I try to discourage her from using this term, but that's just for my own psychological comfort.) She loves being matchy-matchy, and I'm really starting to get into it, too! Don't know if you can see there's a turtle on the bottom of the jeans, in addition to the ones on their shirts.

100_6861 So cute! They are such posers. I'm really glad all the Gymboree pants are adjustable now, because no way would they stay up on skinny Chloë otherwise, and even Sophia needed some tightening!

100_6862 The shirts match, but they didn't have the skirt in Chlo's size or the pants in Sophie's. (Naturally, I bought everything on clearance! Gotta get more bang for my buck!)

100_6863 I love the little rainbow skort on Sophia. Chlo was a little jealous that she didn't get one, too, but that's all they had for her.

100_6864 What a ridiculous grimace! She kept crouching down for all her "alone" pictures. Silly girl. Another turtle on these shorts!

100_6865 Soap loves to put her hands in pockets!100_6866

And here's the same pair of pants in capri-length. Hey, a good deal's a good deal. Does she have an enormous melon, or is it just me?

100_6868 Jack got more clothes than the girls combined, and he had major ants in the pants waiting for his turn to model. "I want the truck! I want the truck!" Well, they're all trucks, son, so pick one. The orange shorts were quite enormous, and I might give them to Chloë to wear until his buns grow into them.

100_6869 Whoa, there, that is way too much patchwork blue on one little boy. Gonna have to split those pieces up!

100_6870 Something more like this?

100_6871 Whoa. Like the pants, like the shirt... but not so much together, right?

100_6872 That's a little better, I think. Jack is a kid who enjoys his hoodies. Boy loves his hoods. And hey! Look! Froggy!

100_6873 He looks handsome, sorta, but they make him look really short. I mean, yeah, he is, but he doesn't need clothes to increase the effect! Or maybe it's just the angle of this picture, I don't know...

100_6874 I'm liking the pants better with this shirt, and I love his all-boy stance in this picture! He's a little cutie, if I do say so myself.


There were about four more shirts he didn't want to model, and of course he scored some socks and undies as well!

100_6876 The kids went upstairs to lie down after that, and Chloë never did come back down to do her homework. That girl really, really sleeps. Rob came home to find his new ginormous tent waiting on the front porch, which made him ecstatically happy. He's been pushing to go camping since we met, and now it looks like he'll get his wish this summer. I don't know what-all he's got for the rest of the gear, but we don't plan on leaving the area, I don't think. That'll probably be after we get back from Europe. In the meantime, he better get that fricking huge box out of my hallway!

100_6877 Then he and Bounce had some quality man-to-man time. Isn't that the cutest rabbit ever? He's so soft. I just wish he were the kind (angora) I could shave and use for yarn! Rob just keeps marveling that we have a rodent living in our house, on purpose, but duh, people keep rats and mice and guinea pigs and hamsters and gerbils all the time, so what's so different about a bunny?

100_6878 Check it out! His balls came down! Hehehehehehe. Long time, never see. So that makes him about four or five months old. We decided his birthday shall be New Year's Day. And yes, I totally played with his balls. I didn't expect them to be in separate sacs like that!

100_6879 Grrr, why you play with my balls, bitch? Get yer own!

So then we decided to watch 27 Dresses, which came in today's mail. Cute, easy-to-watch little fluff movie, the plot of which was totally guessable right down to the dresses at the end. But I got a heckuva lot of knitting done on Ol' Stripey, and I'm already back to the section of eights on the last panel! Not much more to go now. Woot!

Think I'm going to go grab a shower. Never did do that today.