The Itchy & Scratchy Show
What's Cookin', Good Lookin'?

Ain't Misbehaving

Ain't doin' much else, neither.

Rob's schedule was way off for working overnight last night.

My schedule was way off for being sick, and for staying up waiting for the Man.

The kids didn't care that it was Saturday.

We didn't mesh well today as a family. Nothing much happened. The kids played with every single toy in the living room - which throws off my system to get rid of things they haven't played with in a while - while we parents kind of lolled about.

The funniest thing that happened today was when Sophia pulled up my shucked-off capri pants to her neck, then wrapped the extra folds around herself and walked around, saying she was cold. Hey, whatever keeps you warm, baby. Mommy's gigunda pants and all.

I cooked the other set of four crab cakes for dinner tonight, and Sophia again inhaled much of ours seemingly without tasting. The big kids were upstairs at the time. I fell asleep shortly after, so I'm only vaguely aware that Rob cooked pasti for them for dinner.

After bedtime, I woke up and we watched No Country For Old Men. Holy moly, what a violent, stressful movie to watch. I knit faster when I'm stressed, so at least I got a lot done on the stripey blanket. I'm on the section of eights, which means nothing to no one but me.

Maybe tomorrow we'll actually accomplish something of note? I rather doubt it, though. When there's nothing marked down on the Palm T|X, we tend to do exactly that.