Wordless Wednesday: So Big, Yet Still A Baby
Dirty Laundry Meme

Bounce Baby Boogie

Today was fun. After Jack left for school, Sophie and I got in lots of quality time. We huggled and snugged and kissed and played and giggled and tickled and laughed and had a good time together, enjoying each other's company. She's a fun kid. I love being alone with her.


Soapy-pope is having a love affair with "chopstick," as she calls it. She grabs it every chance she gets and smears it all over her face.

100_6849 Doesn'ts she look so pretty?? She thinks so.

100_6851 She also loves to hop around on the bouncy-bounce we gave Jack for his birthday. I love seeing her having a good time!

Eventually, we made it upstairs, where I did a load or two of the growing-like-weeds pile of laundry and took a shower. We had an outing today.

We made our way to Jack's school to discuss his IEP for kindergarten. He starts in July, while Chloë will be going into 2nd grade (oh, my word).  Miss Beth went over all his goals for the coming year - reading and math! Jack?! - while I expressed my surprise and concern about his abilities. Miss Beth assured me the ability was there, we just had to work on his desire to get things done. Okay, then! We have things to work on this summer so he doesn't regress, that's for sure. Should be... interesting.

Back at home, we had barely any time before Jack returned from school himself, so we just sat together and read stories, while I stroked her sweet hair and skin. When he returned, he came in with his usual set of demands, and had a royal fit when Sophia tried to eat his goldfish crackers, the likes of which I have never before seen. It was intense and, dare I say it, pretty hilarious.

When Chloë came home, they were all pretty ornery, so I sent them up for some rest. Shortly after, I felt completely wiped out myself, so I lay down to rest "for an hour." Ha. That turned into three hours, and by the time I woke up, I just about had to leave for Bunco. I didn't have any time left to make something for our usual Bunco potluck, so Rob put a bunch of Girl Scout cookies on a plate for me, and we called it good. I didn't think they'd get eaten, but the ladies chowed down on them. I barely brought any home.

Bunco was fun as usual, though I was playing with a slightly different crowd; this was a "bonus" night for some out-of-town company the hostess was having. I played my best ever and won a prize, a little flower pot and pot-holder thingy that Rob says looks like a toilet. Maybe I'll take a picture tomorrow.

That's all. I'm going to go knit. Maybe I'll actually finish the stripey blanket in June. Maybe...