Weekend O' Fun
Excitement-Free Post

Brother From Another Mother

We all slept in really late today after our adventures last night. Really late. Like, no longer AM.

When I woke up, I was definitely sick. Right eye matted shut, sore throat, earache, headache... the whole bit. We were supposed to go to the Pungo Strawberry Festival today, but I didn't think I was going to be going anywhere at all. I felt bad. But, we've been here five years and keep wanting to go, but something has kept us from going. This, our last year, had to be it.

So I took a shower. A shower always makes you feel better, right? Well, it didn't, much, but I was game to go anyway. I did a little laundry, got dressed, and made my way downstairs where the rest of the family was eating breakfast. Rob showered, and off we went to the grocery store to get some sunscreen and dolladeros for the festival.

On the way there, Sophie asked where we were going. Rob told her, "We're going to the Strawberry Festival!" And she said, "Mmmmm... I LOOOOOOVE blueberry pie!" <insert laughing guy here>

We also decided that we weren't going to eat anything that didn't contain strawberries. Well, that proved to be tougher than we thought. The website specifies there are strawberries served 50 different ways? We found two: strawberry shortcake and daiquiris. Of course, we ate some shortcake right away, and, I gotta say, the Bisquick biscuits are hella better. I'm stickin' with those.

The festival was set up along a main drag, so the traffic was shut down going in and out of the area for fest goers. Well, it was over at 1900, and they let traffic get back in the very same minute! Right away! They didn't even give people a few minutes to clear out of there and walk the mile or so back to their cars. Kinda dangerous, if you ask moi. But you didn't.

A few highlights of our day, in pictures:


The children running around in the field of buttercups where we were parked. Of course, I received a bouquet or two.


The kids have never had their faces painted before, so that was one of the first things we let them do. I wonder if Jack was checking out this woman's, um, *ahem* decolletage... oh, and I know that's not his face. They all chose to do it on their arm instead. Whatever!


Chloë chose an angel,


 Sophie picked a hibiscus flower,


and Jack wanted a bunny. His was the only one that lasted past the second ride. The rest were all smudged off on shirts and faces. Oh well, easy come, easy go.


Finally, once we made it past the tons and tons of vendors, we found the area that was like a fair, with rides, games and fair food. Not that we were looking for that, or anything, in particular. Rather, it found us. Tickets were $1 apiece, but today there was a military armband special for $15, good for unlimited rides. Eureka! We bought five, in case they wanted rides that needed parental units. Good thing we did; they were needed. These trucks were the first ride we came upon, much to Jack's delight!


Next, we all took a spin in some Tilt-a-Whirl-ish apples. Whilst riding, Chloë looked at me and exclaimed, "Mom, this is the time of my life!"


After several more kiddie rides, we all went on the Ferris Wheel together. It was my mother's favorite ride. Not so, the kids'. They all snuggled closely to us and screeched every time we went up, up, up.


After some more rides, a bite to eat, and a potty break, we found the giant midway slide. The girls bravely decided to go on it, while Jack held back. Chloë has done it before and didn't like it, so I'm surprised she chose to go again. She didn't like it any better. Despite the look on Sophie's face here, she enjoyed it and ran right back up to go on it again!


Finally, after doing the rest of the child-friendly rides, we found these cars as the fair was closing down. Jack was in seventh heaven! The cars whipped around the corners pretty fast for a toddler ride, so I was a bit surprised to find each of them enjoying themselves immensely! They went on it at least twice and laughed the whole way.

We headed back to the car along the treacherous car-packed road after that, and I waited with the kids in a corner lot while Rob went to fetch the van. The kids were being cute, running around and racing each other, but I neglected to get a picture of that. We stopped at a drive-thru on the way home for some dinner to bring home, and the kids gobbled theirs up right away when we got home. Then they headed to bed, worn completely out for the second day in a row.

Rob and I just watched There Will Be Blood when they were down. Hmm. I don't know what to rate that movie! Daniel Day Lewis was definitely good in it, as was Paul Dano.  Have you seen it? Roob, I know what you thought of the ending, but I've decided I liked it! It was a hard flick for me to get into at first, but it grew on me. Good film.

Have a happy and safe Memorial Day tomorrow.