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Cinco De Mayo! Or, Easy Come, Easy Go

I haven't got a lot of content tonight. No pictures, no fun things to share. I had a headache all day & so did Rob, so we're wondering if it's from the sushi last night or something. MSG in the soy sauce? Who knows.

Everywhere I drove today, the Mexican restaurants were packed. Even at 1500! Well, military folks tend to get out early, so that may be why. Whatever the reason, I was hankering for a margarita.

We went to our favorite little hole-in-the-wall authentic Mexican restaurant for dinner. We haven't gone there since Rob gave up beef, so there was a bit of a mix-up when he ordered the "number 8" but didn't specify "vegetarian," as we veggies all know must be done. He cut into his enchilada and a big ol' hunk of cow meat squirted back at him. Gross. They switched it out for him but charged him for the meal since it was his fault. Thankfully, Mexican is el cheapo!

It was good, too. We were stuffed and didn't even order dessert. Jack, as usual, ate nothing but tortilla chips, and even the girls were surprisingly not into their meals. Well, Chloë ate her quesadilla, but Sophie did nothing but suck down her milk. Oh well, Mom and Dad enjoyed!

We had a bit of a parenting ordeal afterward. Some Baptist church left their literature along with a stuffed snake on our porch the other day. I told Chloë she could have the snake. Tonight, she had asked me if she could bring her snake with us, and I specifically told her the snake had to stay home, and then I added for the other kids' sakes, "NO TOYS." Pretty clear, right? So I was surprised to find, when letting Chlo into the back seat, her stuffed snake on the seat next to her booster. I asked her if she remembered me telling her not to bring it. Yes. Did she bring it anyway? Yes. Give it to me. She gave. I tossed it over my shoulder. "Sorry. It's gone now. Next time you'll do what you're told."

Of course, she had a meltdown, and my heart was breaking for her, and I wanted to go right over and pick it up. Not give it back to her, but at least take it home. Rob and I debated all evening whether one of us should go back for it. I'm still tempted. It was a bit extreme. But I don't want to undo the lesson.


Parenting is hard.